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BEMA welcome-back social and weekly lunches + Guild elections


Hi everyone,

welcome back from the holidays, we hope any exams/assignments over the next few weeks go well.

BEMA have a few things planned that we wanted to let people know about:

1) Weekly BEMA lunches

Wednesdays – 1-2pm – Harvey Milk room

New to this term, BEMA will be holding weekly informal meeting/lunches with members* every Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Harvey Milk room (1st floor of the Guild, next to Costa).
These meetings will be a safe-space for BME students to meet with the committee and other BME students, and discuss any topics or issues they wish to bring up – to do with University, what they want to see from the Association, general ‘BME issues’ and so on.

The lunches will be a safe-space, and so are open to self-defining BME members* only, and we’ll ensure they remain a comfortable environment for everyone attending.

*Not necessarily signed-up members, just as long as you’re a student and self-define as BME (Black & Minority Ethnic).

2) Welcome back social – Dinner and 12 Years a Slave

Saturday – 5:45pm – City Centre (tbc) 

We’ll also be having a a dinner/film social to welcome everyone back.
*(The restaurant will be confirmed shortly, but will likely be in the city centre and will have Halal and Vegetarian options)*

The screening of 12 Years a Slave will be at Cineworld on Broad St., starts at 8:15pm and student tickets cost £5 (make sure to bring your student ID/University card).
As things might be busy, we reckon it might be best to book your ticket beforehand (Cineworld only lets you book a few days in advance, so try around Wednesday/Thursday).

3) Genocide Memorial Day

BEMA will be holding an event next week to commemorate Genocide Memorial Day, and historical/modern genocides worldwide.
We’ll have more information out on this later on in the week.

4) BME Guild Councillor elections

Voting: Monday 20th, 10am – Friday 24th January, 4pm

As mentioned last term there are 5 positions for BME Guild Councillors up for election, to represent BME students and interests at Guild Council meetings.

Candidate manifestos can be read here.
You’ll be able to vote via the my.bham portal from next Monday at 10am.

Your BEMA Guild Councillor’s voting records for past Guild Councils can be found here.

5) Guild Officer elections

Nominations close Monday 3rd February, 10am.
Elections/Campaigning open:
Wednesday 26th February, 10am

Nominations for Guild Officer elections are open now, for positions leading the Guild on behalf of students at UoB.

Positions include 7 full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, including President and the Vice-Presidents
and 11 part-time Non-Sabbatical Officers, including the Ethnic Minority student Officer (EMO) and Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer (ARAFO).

Nominations packs can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions/queries about running for elections please feel free to contact us at bema@guild.bham.ac.uk
While BEMA cannot support any individual’s candidacy we’d be happy to help with the application process, and look forward to seeing more BME students running in elections this year.


About the Guild’s General Meeting, 4/6/2013 (and why you should be there)


Edit: This General Meeting was adjourned during its original sitting and will recommence on Tuesday the 26th of February.

Edit 2: Both General Meetings have been cancelled by the Guild, will be rescheduled – date tbc

Edit 3: This has now been rescheduled again to Tuesday the 4th of June.

Hey everyone,

a few weeks ago (circa 29th April) you would have gotten an email to your University account (@bham.ac.uk) about the General Meeting being held by the Guild on Monday the 28th of January Tuesday the 26th of February Tuesday the 4th of June.

Below i’ll explain what the points being debated/considered/voted upon there are, the arguments in favour and opposition to the points (‘special resolutions’) and how i’ll be voting.

The General Meeting is open to all members of the Guild and I strongly recommend attending and using their vote, because what happens there could substantially affect the way the Guild functions in the future and its effectiveness in representing its students.
For anyone who can’t attend on the day, there’s also the option to submit a proxy vote, and to either pre-submit your vote or get someone else to vote on your behalf.
While i’ll only be attending to vote on my behalf (not in any BEMA capacity) i’d be happy to be a proxy to anyone if they so wish, just let me know at axs278@bham.ac.uk – proxy vote submission deadline is  Sunday the 2nd of June, 6pm.

N.B. As it stands i’ll be voting FOR every special resolution myself, and so noting this you may find that this colours my perspective on the resolutions, as presented below. I’ve tried to include the counterarguments as i’ve found them, but I can’t claim to be impartial here without being disingenuous.
Hope this allows people to make a somewhat more informed decision, still.

General Meeting
Tuesday 4th June
(deadline for proxy voting nominations: 6pm Sunday 2nd June)
Avon Room, University Centre (R23 on campus map)
Open to all members of the Guild (i.e. everyone, unless you explictly opted out of membership at any point)

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Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Here’s how I voted at Guild Council last Thursday (15/11/2012) on behalf of BEMA.

Motions with asterisks (*) next to their name were debated at request of Council attendees, the rest passed automatically.

Note: All motions passed are subject to scrutiny and acceptance/rejection by the Guild’s Trustee Board, who sit above Guild Council in terms of power.
Where a motion may have asked for changes to the Bye-Laws of the Guild, this is also subject to approval by University Council, which are a body of the University rather than the Guild.

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