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Voting intention for Guild Council 19/6/2014


Here are my voting intentions for the last Guild Council of the year, being held today at 6pm in the Guild Council Chambers.

Any questions/queries/issues on these intentions, or if you have any strong views on particular motions please let me know at axs278 [at] bham.ac.uk

Also thank you to everyone who voted to reject both of the proposals in the recent Guild referendum; this will make it easier (or at least less difficult) for us Liberation Associations to continue trying to make the Guild a body that works in the interests of, and can better support, Liberation students.

P.S. I’ll have voting records for the last few Councils up soon I swear.


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Voting intentions for Guild Council 22/5/2014


Next Guild Council is today at 6pm in Guild Council Chambers, below are my voting intentions – it’s open to all or watch it streamed online via Redbrick.me.

Any questions/queries/opinions on my voting intentions, let me know at axs278 [at] bham.ac.uk

There will also be elections held during Council for the Chairs of Council for next year the next meeting of Council – also open to all students so if you’re interested come down and stand, if you have any questions you can message me.

The role description:
Chairs of Guild Council are responsible for Chairing all of the meetings of Guild Council. They refrain from demonstrating bias at any point whilst acting in an official capacity at any meeting of Guild Council. They ensure that the meeting is run in a fair and balanced manner, and that it is open and accessible to all full members who wish to attend.

The Chairs also have to perform Steering duties before each Guild Council meeting, ensuring that agendas and papers are available to Guild Council members and that minutes and records of Guild Council are kept


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Voting intentions for Guild Council 27/3/2014


Sorry for the lateness on this – here are my voting intentions on Guild Council motions/Democratic Structures Review amendments being discussed in Guild Council tonight at 6pm.

Also our last event of Imperialism Awareness week is at 6pm today – Far from Post-Colonial: The continued struggles of Indigenous peoples.

For more information of the Democratic Structures and Officer Reviews being proposed, see the write-up here.

Any questions/issues email me at axs278 [at] bham.ac.uk


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Voting intentions for Extraordinary Guild Council 13/3/2014


A number of amendments will be discussed tonight at the Extraordinary Guild Council on the Democratic Structures and Officer review, which will decide options for the campus-wide referendum next term on changes to Guild democracy.
Some ideas proposed in the Review are decent but in implementation seem poor alternatives to Guild Council. My other issues with the Review can be found here.

Below are a description and voting intentions on the amendments proposed to make the Review proposals more viable options – I’m judging them here on their own merits, (mostly) regardless of how I feel about the Review on the whole.

Any questions/queries get at me axs278 [at] bham.ac.uk


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Problems with the Democratic Structures and Officer review (from a Liberation perspective)


The Democratic Structures and Officer review proposes some significant changes to the way Guild democracy works, especially with regards to the role of the Guild Sabbatical Officers in leading the Guild and orienting its activity.

In the Extraordinary Guild Council today (6pm, Guild Council Chambers) we will be discussing amendments to the Review that could potentially ameliorate some of those issues, and may result in the proposals going forth to the campus-wide referendum in April/May being viable alternatives to the current Guild set-up. There will be a write up on those amendments in a tiny bit, following  this.

There is a lot to be said about the Review and the models proposed, but they will not be covered here – below is only a few brief thoughts on why the proposals (as proposed) in the Review are concerning from the perspective of a Liberation Association (further details on why the proposals are wack more generally can be found elsewhere).

Apologies in advance for the general sloppiness of the post and any incoherent content; was a bit rushed and am a bit sleepy.


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Voting intentions for Guild Council 20/2/2014


(Voting record from January will be up soon, my bad on the delay).

Here’s how I intend to vote on behalf of BEMA at the February Guild Council tomorrow (Thursday 20th, 6pm, Guild Council Chambers – open to all, will also be streamed by Redbrick.)
If you have issues/questions about the intentions, let me know at axs278[at]bham.ac.uk.

Also, the Guild is scheduled to have an all-campus referendum in May on certain key issues of representation and democracy in the Guild.

That referendum and the options available there are being informed by a Democratic Structures and Officer review ongoing, which currently propose two main changes:
*Getting rid of part-time Guild Officers (including the elected position of Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer) and replacing hem with autonomous committees
*Getting rid of Guild Council as the primary student-run democratic body of the Guild and replacing it with an online system for suggesting changes and termly open assemblies to vote on them.

These changes are significant and so the Guild is looking for input on them, and the proposals will be discussed at Council.
You can let me know if you have any thoughts on the proposals and I can pass them on in Council.

(For what it’s worth I think both proposals have good points to them but I don’t like how prescriptive they are and I am currently opposed to the removal of Liberation officers and the new democratic model on the whole because it seems less reflexive than Council).


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Voting intentions for Guild Council 30/1/2014


Here’s how I intend to vote as BEMA representative at Thursday’s Guild Council (6pm, Guild Council Chambers, open to all. Also streamed by Redbrick.)

Other stuff this week:
National Demonstration, Wednesday 11am. BEMA will be there, hope we see you – but stay wise; BME people always first to get tooken by the police.
-BEMA lunch, Wednesday 1-2pm Harvey Milk room
-Societies Fair II, Thursday 11-4pm Great Hall Aston Webb

Let me know of any issues/questions with my voting
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BEMA welcome-back social and weekly lunches + Guild elections


Hi everyone,

welcome back from the holidays, we hope any exams/assignments over the next few weeks go well.

BEMA have a few things planned that we wanted to let people know about:

1) Weekly BEMA lunches

Wednesdays – 1-2pm – Harvey Milk room

New to this term, BEMA will be holding weekly informal meeting/lunches with members* every Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Harvey Milk room (1st floor of the Guild, next to Costa).
These meetings will be a safe-space for BME students to meet with the committee and other BME students, and discuss any topics or issues they wish to bring up – to do with University, what they want to see from the Association, general ‘BME issues’ and so on.

The lunches will be a safe-space, and so are open to self-defining BME members* only, and we’ll ensure they remain a comfortable environment for everyone attending.

*Not necessarily signed-up members, just as long as you’re a student and self-define as BME (Black & Minority Ethnic).

2) Welcome back social – Dinner and 12 Years a Slave

Saturday – 5:45pm – City Centre (tbc) 

We’ll also be having a a dinner/film social to welcome everyone back.
*(The restaurant will be confirmed shortly, but will likely be in the city centre and will have Halal and Vegetarian options)*

The screening of 12 Years a Slave will be at Cineworld on Broad St., starts at 8:15pm and student tickets cost £5 (make sure to bring your student ID/University card).
As things might be busy, we reckon it might be best to book your ticket beforehand (Cineworld only lets you book a few days in advance, so try around Wednesday/Thursday).

3) Genocide Memorial Day

BEMA will be holding an event next week to commemorate Genocide Memorial Day, and historical/modern genocides worldwide.
We’ll have more information out on this later on in the week.

4) BME Guild Councillor elections

Voting: Monday 20th, 10am – Friday 24th January, 4pm

As mentioned last term there are 5 positions for BME Guild Councillors up for election, to represent BME students and interests at Guild Council meetings.

Candidate manifestos can be read here.
You’ll be able to vote via the my.bham portal from next Monday at 10am.

Your BEMA Guild Councillor’s voting records for past Guild Councils can be found here.

5) Guild Officer elections

Nominations close Monday 3rd February, 10am.
Elections/Campaigning open:
Wednesday 26th February, 10am

Nominations for Guild Officer elections are open now, for positions leading the Guild on behalf of students at UoB.

Positions include 7 full-time Sabbatical Officer roles, including President and the Vice-Presidents
and 11 part-time Non-Sabbatical Officers, including the Ethnic Minority student Officer (EMO) and Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism Officer (ARAFO).

Nominations packs can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions/queries about running for elections please feel free to contact us at bema@guild.bham.ac.uk
While BEMA cannot support any individual’s candidacy we’d be happy to help with the application process, and look forward to seeing more BME students running in elections this year.


Voting intention for Guild Council 12/12/2013


Here’s how I intend to vote at the December Guild Council tomorrow on behalf of BEMA.

Because of the time-limit on Councils, alot of the motions have been deferred from last Council to this one.
A few have been amended since November though, and so my voting intentions have changed for a few.

If you have any input, issues or other views on the motions or my intentions/ that you want shared at Council, let me know at axs278@bham.ac.uk

Guild Council is open to all members of the Guild, and takes place from 6-10:45pm on Thursday the 12th of November in the Guild Council Chambers (1st floor of the Guild).
It will also be streamed live by GTV (Guild TV) and be tracked by Redbrick.


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