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Voting intention for Guild Council 21/2/2013


Here are my voting intentions the February Guild Council, being held today (6pm in Guild Council Chambers and open to all – also being streamed live).

Let me know below if you have any input/concerns/questions.

Notice #1 – General Meeting of the Guild is being held on Monday the 26th at 6pm in the Vaughan Jeffreys Lecture Theatre in the Education building, and all members of the Guild are welcome to attend and vote.

Notice #2 – Love Talent: Hate Racism on a week from now, come come.

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Voting record for Guild Council 31/1/2013


Apologies for delay in posting this up, the committee and I got caught up working for Imperialism Awareness week.

Below is how I voted on behalf of BEMA members at the January Guild Council.

The most significant successes for us at this Council were the passing of motions that set aside £2,000 grant for BEMA to fund Black History Month events, and a system allowing for the deferral of motions to Liberation Associations where the motion of the content pertains to/concerns/affects mostly members of that Association – which is a another step towards further autonomy for Liberation Associations.

(Although as always, all motions passed here are subject to the whims of the Trustee Board so i’m not getting overly hype just yet.)

On unrelated note, the deadline for applications to our Love Talent: Hate Racism talent show is this Wednesday (13th), and tickets will be on sale soon time.

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Voting intention for Guild Council 31/1/2013


Hey people,

here’s how I intend to vote at the official January Guild Council, as a representative of BEMA.

If you have any input or views on the motions i’d be happy to take them into consideration – also if you have views that you want shared at Council I can do that on your behalf if you wish.
Just contact me at

Elections will be held on the day for a new Chair of Guild Council.
The role of Chair means ensuring that Council is run fairly and smoothly whilst maintaining neutrality,
and also involves collaboration with the Guild’s Vice President of Democracy & Resources to work on democratic systems in the Guild.
Any member of the Guild can show up and run for election on the day, and will need to deliver a short speech selling themselves, and take questions afterwards.

Guild Council is open to all members of the Guild, and takes place from 6-10:45pm on Thursday the 31st of January in the Guild Council Chambers.
It will also be streamed live by GTV (Guild TV) and be tracked by Redbrick.

Also – make sure you come to BEMA’s Imperialism Awareness week of events – starting next Tuesday with a talk on the true nature of Imperialism, and a screening of The Battle of Algiers.

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Voting record for Extraordinary Guild Council 22/1/2013


Here’s how and why I voted on behalf of BEMA at the ‘Extraordinary Guild Council’ held last Tuesday to deal with the large number of motions rolling over from previous Councils.

Quaintly enough, the EGC was unsuccessful in its aims – a number of motions have been deferred to the January Guild Council on 31/1 because snowfall deaded this Council.

Let me know if you have any problems or queries with my voting.

Sidenote: The General Meeting of the Guild that was meant to be held yesterday (28/1) has been adjourned due to some alleged malpractice taking place beforehand.
We’ll keep you updated on the new date – and hopefully see more BEMA members out there on the day.

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Voting intention for Extraordinary Guild Council 22/1/13


Due to the large number of motions deferred from December’s Guild Council because of time constraints, and the fact that some of those motions had been previously deferred themselves, an ‘Extraordinary Guild Council’ has been called for this Tuesday to deal with all those motions finally, before the regular Guild Council on the 31st of this month.

The motions deferred have been carried over unaltered in their exact form as before, so below are my original intentions for them: unaltered, in their exact form as before.
Forgive the audacity.

Guild Council is open to all, and takes place in the Guild Council Chambers this Tuesday, from 6-9:30pm.

**On a related note, I strongly recommend that any/everyone comes to the General Meeting being held on the 28th of January that you would have gotten an email about last week.

It’s a chance to exercise actual direct control over your Guild, and unlike Guild Council this General Meeting [Under Company Law]’s outcomes are completely binding, and can’t be overturned by any body in the Guild’s hierarchy.

The ‘Special Resolutions’ #3 and #4 regarding the composition of the Board of Trustees are particularly important – the Trustee board has been responsible for overturning/denying many motions passed through Council, often on dubious grounds; getting more student representation and removing University representatives is definitely a good step towards democratising the Guild and re-establishing it as being under students’ control.**

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Voting record Guild Council 6/12/2012


Here’s how I voted on behalf of BEMA at the Guild Council held on 6th December.

As you can see, many motions were starred (*) by attendees at Council to open them up for discussion, but after all other procedure was conducted very little time was left for motions, and very little were voted upon.

So, all the starred motions left undebated here will be deferred to an ‘Emergency Guild Council’ (EGC) to be held early next term, before the regular January Guild Council.

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BEMA condemns Guild of Students’ de-recognition of UoB Students for Justice in Palestine Society


On Tuesday 4th of December, the University of Birmingham Students for Justice in Palestine society (SJP) was de-recognised by the Guild of Students.

The reasons given by the Guild of Students for de-recognition were the following:sjp
– Student Development were not formally informed by the society of their EGM (electing a new committee) that took place last week.
– Certain forms were not completed on time by the society.
– The society was on probation due to circumstances occurring two committees ago.

As representatives of the ethnic minority student population, BEMA feels the de-recognition of a society that campaigns for justice for the oppressed population in Palestine (a cause which resonates with many ethnic minority students on campus) is wrong for the following reasons:

  • The decision shows disregard for the efforts of the volunteers that were on the most recent committee which organised events such as a talk by the political journalist Ben White, a performance by Raast (Palestinian-music group), a fundraiser for the  Women in Hebron cooperative, as well as hosting weekly talks prepared by students.
  • The decision ignores the ambitions and enthusiasm of the newly elected committee consisting of 13 ethnic minority Muslims (11 of which are Muslim women), an underrepresented demographic often disengaged from Guild activity.
  • The society had just regained it’s momentum after having been crippled by a Student Groups Committee decision the previous academic year to ban committee members from standing again.
  • We believe that due to the recent increase in tensions in the Gaza strip, taking away support for the only society on campus that solely focuses on aiding the Palestinian cause is untimely and lacks empathy.
  • We do not believe that a student group should be held responsible for actions that happened in previous years and that are beyond their control.
  • There are discrepancies in what the society was told was necessary to organise an EGM.

As a result, we believe that de-recognition of the society is a disproportionate and unnecessary punishment for the reasons given by the Guild of Students.

BEMA continues to support student volunteers that wish to aid the oppressed people of Palestine and urge the Guild to overturn the decision as soon as possible, or (failing that)  in the first Guild Council meeting of next year.

Voting intention for Guild Council (6/12/2012)

Voting intention for Guild Council (6/12/2012)

Hey, below is a summary of the motions up for discussion at Guild Council, and how I intend to vote on them as BEMA’s representative.

Let me know if you have any input or objections to either motions or intention.

Guild Council starts at 6pm and is open to any student

it will also be streamed live (a link should be available from

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Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Here’s how I voted at Guild Council last Thursday (15/11/2012) on behalf of BEMA.

Motions with asterisks (*) next to their name were debated at request of Council attendees, the rest passed automatically.

Note: All motions passed are subject to scrutiny and acceptance/rejection by the Guild’s Trustee Board, who sit above Guild Council in terms of power.
Where a motion may have asked for changes to the Bye-Laws of the Guild, this is also subject to approval by University Council, which are a body of the University rather than the Guild.

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Voting intention for Guild Council 15/11/2012

Voting intention for Guild Council 15/11/2012

Hi everyone,
below are my intentions for voting at Guild Council on Thursday 15th November 2012 (subject to change if convinced otherwise at Council)

If you have any questions/concerns/objections/opinions about my intentions or Guild Council, then email me at

(Council will be held in Guild Council Chambers from 5:30 6:00-10:45pm and is open to all.)

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