Voting intention for Guild Council 4/12/2014


Hi everyone,
sorry for the lateness with this – here’s how we intend to vote at today’s Guild Council as representatives of BEMA.

If you have any input or views on the motions please contact us at

Guild Council is open to all members of the Guild, and takes place from 6-10:45pm in the Guild Council Chambers (1st floor of the Guild).

It’ll also be streamed at


Motion title Motion summary My voting intention
8a) International student donations Look into setting up a system whereby international students can donate good quality/usable homeware upon moving out, for students moving in to use. For
8b) Signage in Joe’s Put up signs about new rules in Joe’s barring consumption of outside food within it. For
8c) Human rights Get in contact with the Law department about them more publicly promoting understanding of law particularly human rights law, for wider benefit (i.e. beyond Law students). For
8d) Cheaper sport Look into possibility of allowing cheaper rental of sports pitches in university for certain disadvantaged student groups – inc. home students, mature students and part time students – to allow time for socialising that isn’t always as available to them through evening events. For
8e) Steering motion Allow for motions to be submitted up to 7 days before Guild Council (vs. current deadline of 2.5 weeks) and for emergency motions to be submitted up to 24 hours before. For


Can help make Guild Council more responsive to issues arising between motions deadline and Council.

8f) Hope not Hate Disaffiliate from the organisation Unite Against Fascism, and re-affiliate to the group Hop not Hate in its place. Against (pending amendments)

Unite Against Fascism is being opposed because of its associations with the Socialist Workers Party and that Party’s crap history in dealing with rape within their organisation – fair enough.

Hope not Hate however are guilty of platforming and perpetuating some Islamophobic narratives, covering the threat of ‘jihadis’ in Britain in a way that is insensitive in this current climate.
So unless this motion is amended to remove this affiliation we will be voting against.

8g) Justice 4 Sanaz Support the Justice 4 Sanaz campaign against the abuse of former student Sanaz Raji, and conduct investigations into the situation with non-EU international students at UoB also. For
8h) Zero Tolerance for Violation of the Zero Tolerance policy Extend the Zero Tolerance policy into Guild Council properly, by having Council put to vote of no confidence for breaking it. For


Is probably a less bureaucratic way of enforcing this than is expressed in this motion, but is supported in principle.


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