Voting intention for Guild Council 13/11/2014


Hi all,
here’s how we intend to vote at the first Guild Council of the year, as representatives of BEMA.

On the student-run side of things, Guild Council is the highest democratic body of the Guild and is used to hold Guild Officers to account and decide the policy and campaigning direction of the Guild, through motions voted on by elected Councillors.

If you have any input or views on the motions we’d be happy to take them into consideration – also if you have views that you want shared at Council we can do that on your behalf.
Just contact us at

Guild Council is open to all members of the Guild, and takes place from 6-10:45pm on Thursday the 14th of November in the Guild Council Chambers (1st floor of the Guild).


There are a few elections taking place in this Council that are open to all students – to run for a position just come down to the meeting and stand (or pre-submit a speech).

Chairs of Guild Council (x2 students – 1 Chair, 1 Deputy Chair)
Running Guild Council, ensuring it’s accessible to students and remains fair and balanced.
Also sit on Steering committee and check over motions going to Guild Council.

Student Equality and Diversity committee (x2 students)
Work with Liberation Associations (e.g. BEMA) and Representation Associations (e.g. Home Students’ Association) and help promote best practice with regards to equality and diversity issues within the Guild/University/wider community.
Will have input into Zero Tolerance policy and other related documents.

Democracy and Engagement committee (x3; inc. 1 firstyear)
Responsible for reviewing the Guild’s methods of engagement and its democratic structures and mechanisms.
Working with Liberation/Representation associations and addressing under-representation/under-represented groups within the Guild.

Steering Committee elections (x2)
Responsible for looking over Guild Council motions and other ideas/suggestions submitted to Guild governance structures and ensure they are in line with criteria for inclusion in Council, and/or the best path for their implementation.


Motion title Summary of motion Our voting intention
16a) Tampon Tubs Mandates the Vice Presidents of Welfare and Democracy, Resources and Sustainability to look into getting free and/or discounted tampons available in the Guild for students. For
16b) Publish the Guidance documents Make all documents about Guild guidance and procedure available online on the Guild website, and easy to access. For
16c) Put the committees on the website Contact details and meeting records of Guild committees to be made available online, for transparency. For
16d) International Students For the Guild’s to be proactively supportive of international students under threat and make them aware of their rights, and to oppose racist and xenophobic measures and attacks against them by their institutions. For
16e) Spar referendum To hold a referendum for all students to decide whether to keep Spar in the Guild or to opt for change to a cheaper outlet. For
16f) Full time MPTSO Looking to make the part-time officer role of the Mature and Part Time Students’ Officer full-time and paid. Against/Abstain


This motion in itself wouldn’t/couldn’t change the role of the MPTSO to a full-time but would probably at most give support to the idea as a longer-term campaign.

Liberation Associations have been pushing for years now to make the part-time Liberation officer roles full time and paid, and so far have encountered a lot of resistance from the Guild.

This is still a campaign we are committed towards, and given that getting any further officers made full-time would be with serious consideration to the resources available to the Guild etc., we think it’s priority right now to get the Liberation officers full-time because they deal with systemic issues of societal oppression and are desperately in need for more support and resourcing for the Guild.

So, against/abstaining from this motion now because this isn’t a priority, not because we’re opposed to the idea per se.


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