Congo week begins today


This year BEMA are participating in the seventh annual Congo Week, an initiative held every third week of October where people across the globe gather to commemorate the millions of lives lost in the conflict in the Congo while celebrating the country’s enormous human and natural potential.

The Lost Voices – Congo week panel

Today – 6pm – Arts Lecture room 7

Kick-starting Congo Week, we will be hosting an event in collaboration with the University of Birmingham African Development Forum setting the scene on the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We will first screen the documentary ‘Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering the Truth’ before hearing from two Congolese activists both based within the UK – Benoit Mussanzi wa Mussangu, Chairman for Centre Resolution Conflicts (CRC) and Francine Mukwaya, a representative of Friends of the Congo.

They will both be presenting some of the critical aspects of the conflict as well as highlighting developments and progress over the years. There will be a chance to ask some questions and get involved in the discussion on what we can do to help the campaign.

Kingdom of the Congo

Room change: Thursday – 6:30pm – Nuffield G17

With JJ Bola.

Join us on for an educative and informative workshop on the Congo, past and present. There will be a presentation workshop on the conflict, in regards to the minerals and how it links with the technological industries and Western imperialist interests.
To celebrate the history and culture, there will be another workshop looking at Congo’s ancient kingdoms, and the lifestyle and culture.
There will also be spoken word poetry!

West Midlands Pan African Students’ Union meeting

Friday – 6pm – Arts Lecture room 7

The West Midlands Pan African Students Union meeting has been postponed until a later date.
Check back for details soon.

The Pan-African Students Union is an organisation made up of students of African descent who seek to educate, mobilise and organise students in order to get engaged in progressive action towards the liberation of African people, at home and abroad.

This is a chance for students in the West Midlands to get involved with the regional branch of PASU and develop new campaigns and directions for it to take this year.
Events held by the West Midlands in the past include a book launch of ‘Pan Africanism and Communism: The Communist International, Africa and the Diaspora, 1919-1939’ with author Hakim Adi, and Congo: From Lumumba to Neo-colonialism.

Open to all self-identifying students of African heritage.



Congo week international


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