Voting intentions for Guild Council 22/5/2014


Next Guild Council is today at 6pm in Guild Council Chambers, below are my voting intentions – it’s open to all or watch it streamed online via

Any questions/queries/opinions on my voting intentions, let me know at axs278 [at]

There will also be elections held during Council for the Chairs of Council for next year the next meeting of Council – also open to all students so if you’re interested come down and stand, if you have any questions you can message me.

The role description:
Chairs of Guild Council are responsible for Chairing all of the meetings of Guild Council. They refrain from demonstrating bias at any point whilst acting in an official capacity at any meeting of Guild Council. They ensure that the meeting is run in a fair and balanced manner, and that it is open and accessible to all full members who wish to attend.

The Chairs also have to perform Steering duties before each Guild Council meeting, ensuring that agendas and papers are available to Guild Council members and that minutes and records of Guild Council are kept




Motion title Motion summary My voting intention
8a) University Disciplinary Action
Deferred from March Council
Sabbatical Officers of the Guild to call for the University to cease disciplinaries against students involved in protest action, and Guild to support students going through the proceedings. For 

but may not be necessary now that the students have been reinstated

8b) Appointments Panel make-up
Deferred from March Council
Proposed removal of University representatives from the Guild Appointments Panel, which influences who is proposed to join the Guild’s Trustee Board. For 

Having University representatives here is a threat to the guild’s political autonomy and they should have no place in high-level Guild political affairs, especially given that the Trustee Board can override the decisions made by any other body in the Guild.

8c) IdealsDeferred from March Council Re-wording of the ‘Demands’ motion which fell in January Council, re-iterating that the Guild should support demands of the University made by the Defend Education group (this motion removes two of those demands though: one regarding Hall fees and one about the University publishing its financial reports) For 

All of the original demands should have been supported though.

8d) Disaffiliation
Deferred from March Council
Guild to un-endorse the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC).Mainly because:
NCAFC condemned the Guild’s response to the National Demonstration on campus, it
encourages Unions to be more wide-ranging in their political endeavours, and its members have requested support for its activities through the Guild since endorsement.

Nothing objectionable about those particular points mentioned here, in my opinion.


8e) In the event of a tie…Deferred from March Council If votes on a motion etc. fall to a 50:50 tie, then that will be settled by a ballot of all the Sabbatical Officers instead of just the President. For 
8f) Priority Ballot motionDeferred from March Council Guild Council motion order to be decided by a ballot of Councillors prior to Council.Cannot change order of motion during Council. Unsure(mostly For)


Want to know if there could be a way to make exceptions for time-sensitive motions, or an extension to the ballot deadline (is currently down as 3 days prior to Council)

8g) Returning Officer Returning Officer who oversees Guild elections shall be chosen by Guild Council, rather than the University. For 

Because otherwise this affects the political autonomy of the Guild, given how the Returning Officer has this year been shown to have bias (barring candidates from running etc.)

8h) This is for everyone Mandates Officers (incoming/outgoing) to organise a campaign to hold a General Meeting under Company Law next academic year, with resolutions of the GM focusing on the composition of the Guild’s Trustee Board. For 

A General Meeting under Company Law was held last year with resolutions concerning the make-up of the Trustee Board (with most of the resolutions falling by a narrow margin).


Recent events with the Trustee Board abusing their power show why it’s important to (again) discuss their mostly non-student composition, and a GM under Company Law is the only way to change that composition under the Guild’s rules.


The last GM was called after extensive campaigning by student volunteers, and this motion also means adding the Guild’s organising capacity to take that burden off.

8i) Referenda motion Non-essential Guild referendums (like the current Democratic Structures/Officer Review ones) not to be held in third term because it’s unfair on campaigners who have exams. 

Questions of referendums to be decided by Guild Council (rather than Trustee Board) because otherwise they could be leading

8j) Officer Team motion Change name of Guild officer, and change term from ‘Non-Sabbatical’ to ‘Part-time’ Officers because that sounds better. For
8k) GOG motion To have regular Guild Officer Group (GOG) meetings (which include all Full and Part-time officers) take place of SOG (just full-time officers) as the other decision-making body of the Guild (in addition to Guild Council). 

Ensures Liberation/Campaigning officers have input into the Guild’s political direction during these meetings also.

8l) Bitcoin Introduce Bitcoin currency as a form of payment on campus. Dunno what Bitcoin is. 

Will have to be swayed during Council.



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