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Voting intentions for Guild Council 22/5/2014


Next Guild Council is today at 6pm in Guild Council Chambers, below are my voting intentions – it’s open to all or watch it streamed online via

Any questions/queries/opinions on my voting intentions, let me know at axs278 [at]

There will also be elections held during Council for the Chairs of Council for next year the next meeting of Council – also open to all students so if you’re interested come down and stand, if you have any questions you can message me.

The role description:
Chairs of Guild Council are responsible for Chairing all of the meetings of Guild Council. They refrain from demonstrating bias at any point whilst acting in an official capacity at any meeting of Guild Council. They ensure that the meeting is run in a fair and balanced manner, and that it is open and accessible to all full members who wish to attend.

The Chairs also have to perform Steering duties before each Guild Council meeting, ensuring that agendas and papers are available to Guild Council members and that minutes and records of Guild Council are kept


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