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Vote NO to the Democratic Structures and Officer Review Referendum



This week (commencing 28th April) the Guild is holding two Referendum questions, which could potentially involve significant changes to the way the Guild works in terms of democracy and representation.

BEMA wish to make it clear that we strongly support voting NO to both the proposed
Q1 (Democratic Structures Review) and
Q2 (Officer Review),
and we urge both our members and other voters to do the same.

Our previously-voiced concerns about the threat these proposals present to Liberation groups can be found here.

The issues these proposals present to campaigning within the Guild can be found here.

In-depth information about the proposals can be found here.

Issues of the undemocratic nature of the referendum can be found here.

The surrounding controversy on the subversion of democracy within the Guild can be found here.

So all that’s left for us is to (briefly) re-iterate the main reasons we oppose both the new referenda proposals – and particularly our belief that these proposals, if passed, would seriously inhibit the work that Liberation Associations can do on behalf of oppressed groups within the University, and further sideline us within the Guild’s decision-making bodies.

For more information on the reasons for voting NO follow updates from the
Vote No campaign at:

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