Imperialism Awareness Week begins today

BEMA present: Imperialism Awareness Week
March 25th – 27th 2014Tuesday 25th March
6pm – Arts Lecture Theatre 7
It’s Time for Black Schools: Lessons from the Black Supplementary Schools movement

Co-hosted by OBU, Organisation of Black Unity
Dr Kehinde Andrews will be discussing racism in the school system and the need for a radical Black independent education.
The discussion will be based on his new book Resisting Racism: Race, inequality and the Black supplementary school movement.
Signed copies will be available at the event for a reduced price of £16.

Wednesday 26th March
6:30pm – Arts Lecture Room 4

Decolonise the Mic: An evening of spoken word

Join us for an evening of poetry and readings, as performers are given a platform to express their own narrative.
Performances by BEMA members will be followed with an opportunity for self-defining BME’s to grab the (open) mic.
Want to get something of your chest? There’ll also be a soap box session to say whatever’s on your mind.
Thursday 27th March
6pm – Arts Lecture Theatre 7
Far from Post-Colonial: The continued struggles of Indigenous peoples
Panel + open discussion on the effects of colonialism today, and the struggles of Indigenous people including the Nican Tlaca people, resisting the oppression and racism that still resonate from the colonial era.



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