The Ogaden & Sound of da Police events


BEMA are holding two events this week that are open to all –

The Ogaden: History, colonialism & National identity
Thursday – 6pm – Arts Lecture room 5

Held by BEMA and the Ogaden Youth & Students Union, we will be looking at the history of the Ogaden region in East Africa; through it’s struggle against British & Italian colonialism to its present day struggle against EPRDF and the current Ethiopian regime.
We will be looking closely at the crimes against humanity committed as a means of destabilising the region, driving ethnic Somalis out of their land as well as resistance and the use of poetry as a tool of survival and reaffirmation of their sense of national identity.
The evening will be concluded with traditional dances popular in the Ogaden Region.
BEMA, Black Students’ Campaign MIDLANDS, BirminghamStrong and ACS invite you to an evening of discussion about police brutality and racism against BME groups, and what our communities can do in resistance.

Topics covered will include Deaths in Custody, racist Stop and Search methods, how Mental Health laws are used disproportionately to detain Black men, and the use of state violence against BME women and Muslim communities to maintain control and surveillance.

The event is open to all, students and non-students, and will include workshops on know-your-rights and stop & search.

Sound of da Police poster
For any questions contact us at bema[at]

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