Voting intentions for Guild Council 20/2/2014


(Voting record from January will be up soon, my bad on the delay).

Here’s how I intend to vote on behalf of BEMA at the February Guild Council tomorrow (Thursday 20th, 6pm, Guild Council Chambers – open to all, will also be streamed by Redbrick.)
If you have issues/questions about the intentions, let me know at axs278[at]

Also, the Guild is scheduled to have an all-campus referendum in May on certain key issues of representation and democracy in the Guild.

That referendum and the options available there are being informed by a Democratic Structures and Officer review ongoing, which currently propose two main changes:
*Getting rid of part-time Guild Officers (including the elected position of Ethnic Minority Students’ Officer) and replacing hem with autonomous committees
*Getting rid of Guild Council as the primary student-run democratic body of the Guild and replacing it with an online system for suggesting changes and termly open assemblies to vote on them.

These changes are significant and so the Guild is looking for input on them, and the proposals will be discussed at Council.
You can let me know if you have any thoughts on the proposals and I can pass them on in Council.

(For what it’s worth I think both proposals have good points to them but I don’t like how prescriptive they are and I am currently opposed to the removal of Liberation officers and the new democratic model on the whole because it seems less reflexive than Council).




Motion title Motion summary My voting intention
10a) University Disciplinary Action
Deferred from January Council
Sabbatical Officers of the Guild to call for the University to cease disciplinaries against students involved in protest action, and Guild to support students going through the proceedings. For
10b) Appointments Panel make-up
Deferred from January Council
Proposed removal of University representatives from the Guild Appointments Panel, which influences who is proposed to join the Guild’s Trustee Board. For


Having University representatives here is a threat to the guild’s political autonomy and they should have no place in high-level Guild political affairs, especially given that the Trustee Board can override the decisions made by any other body in the Guild.

10c) Fab and Democracy Thoughts Night
Motion withdrawn by proposer
Create two Guild Councillor positions each to represent attendees to the Fab and Sports Night Guild club nights.

Not a serious motion (I hope).

Motion withdrawn


Was going to be a Hell No anyway.

10d) Now you see me Allow Guild officer to submit video blogs (in addition to/in place of written blog posts) to update members on their activity as they are supposed to do monthly. For
10e) Ideals Re-wording of the ‘Demands’ motion which fell last Council, re-iterating that the Guild should support demands of the University made by the Defend Education group (this motion removes two of those demands though: one regarding Hall fees and one about the University publishing its financial reports) For


All of the original demands should have been supported though.

10f) Disaffiliation Guild to un-endorse the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC).

Mainly because:
NCAFC condemned the Guild’s response to the National Demonstration on campus, it
encourages Unions to be more wide-ranging in their political endeavours, and its members have requested support for its activities through the Guild since endorsement.



Nothing objectionable about those particular points mentioned here, in my opinion.

BEMA have released our own condemnation of the Guild since the demonstration anyway.

10g) Strike the NUS AGM motion To dead a motion passed in last Council regarding a motion to be submitted to NUS National Conference on behalf of the Guild, because the latter motion is unworkable. For
10h) Just one more Guild Councillor Add one new Councillor for the School of History, Arts and Culture to reflect a departmental merger within that school. For


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