Voting record for Guild Council 12/12/2013


Sorry this is late;
how I voted at December’s Guild Council on behalf of BEMA.

Positives: Guild supports boycott of G4S, and Officer will write a letter of condemnation to the Metropolitan police for their violence against student protests/protestors in London in December.

Let me know if there you have questions/issues with my voting at axs278 [at]

(Voting intentions for this Thursday’s Council up in a bit)



Motion title Motion summary How I voted Outcome
13a) Book Exchange Try and set up a formal book exchange system for 2nd hand books for students of the school of English, Drama and American & Canadian studies. For Passed
13b) Love your officers Bring back commendations (analogous to Guild Council reprimands but positive) for Guild Officers who have done good.
Amended: Time limit of 15 minutes for the commendations part of Council.
For Passed
13c) SGC composition


Remove the Guild’s Vice President  of Democracy & Resources (VPDR) from the Student Groups Committee (who ratify societies/pass penalties against them etc.) and replace them with another elected student.

Amended: Keep VPDR, remain with 3 elected students but have them be student group committee members rather than from Guild Council.

For Passed
13d) Support the Fossil Free campaign Guild to support the Fossil Free campaign which aims to get institutions to invest in more environmentally friendly/sustainable options.


To ensure that the Guild invests out of fossil fuels where possible, and instead invest in low-carbon technologies and companies.
Amended: Made into a Guild Belief & Commitment rather than an Officer mandate, specifically.

For Passed
13e) Commitment to the Living Wage Guild officers to re-commit to implementing the Living Wage for all Guild staff (motion was passed in support of this in a Council last year) and actively work towards implementing it.

Amended: Ensure that no staff members are victimized for their involvement in any such campaign

For Passed
13f) G4S Guild to oppose the University’s contract(s) with security company G4S for the latter’s reported complicity in human rights abuses and their incompetence.

Lobby for University to exclude G4S from future contracts.

Amended: Belief and Commitment edited to remove references to Occupied Palestinian Territories, instead Guild just stands against G4S for their ‘human rights abuses’.

For Passed
13g) Removal of Senior Management Team Guild officers to remove Senior Management Team of the Guild (who are non-students, non-elected, and sit above the officers in running the Guild) and replace them with a team that works under the Officers and Guild Council, so that the Guild can become truly student-led. n/a Deferred to January Council
13h) Supporting Student Campaigns Guild should facilitate and support external/national campaigns (namely the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts) by offering the Guild’s services for internal (student-rate) fees. n/a Deferred to January Council
13i) Supporting a National Movement Guild will provide reduced-price spaces and support national campaigns that campaigns that align with Guild’s policies and priorities. n/a Deferred to January Council
13j) Guild TV Guild Council For Council to be streamed and recordings stored, with no ‘dead zones’ in the recording – because these dead zones break up the flow of the recording. n/a Deferred to January Council
13k) Beliefs and Committments Guild’s Beliefs and Commitments document (which are updated throughout the year via Council motions) to be ratified at the first Council of each year (by a supermajority vote of 2/3rds). n/a Deferred to January Council
13l) Swearing Ban swearing from speeches n Guild Council (because some groups find this particularly offensive) and have those swearing subject to Council disciplinary. n/a Deferred to January Council
13m) Payday lenders Ban payday lenders (e.g. Wonga) from advertising to students on campus/campus computers;

set up a credit union to support students in financial need.

n/a Passed
(without discussion)
13n) GC documents Guild Council papers + motion summaries to be emailed out to all students/constituent. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
13o) Subtv motion Making sure music control is enabled so that students can submit choices/vote for the music that plays on Subtv (on the screens in/around Joe’s) n/a Passed
(without discussion)
13p) Rue Britannia For the Guild to not engage professionally with Britannia Property Services in Selly Oak because the number of complaints and issues with that agent. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
13q) Guild Development Forum To abandon the Guild Development Forum Facebook group because people keep fighting there. n/a Deferred to January Council


13a) I voted For this because nothing seemed objectionable.

13b) I voted For this because it seemed a fair enough concession to make to the Guild officers, given that we’ll commit the rest of our time to make their lives difficult.
Arguments in opposition brought up the point that it could end up being small self-congratulatory spectacle between friends; yet to be seen.

13c) I voted For this because the amendment kept the VPDR, which I thought was important. Also, electing the committee members from actual student-group committee members at the Student Groups forum made more sense than people from Guild Council.

13d) I voted For this; Global South countries always the first to be exploited by Fossil fuel industry/suffer the effects of environmental upheaval and that.

13e) I voted For this because a Living Wage is something I strongly agree with in principle.

13f) I voted For this because G4S are beyond wack; can’t work with those complicit in Israeli occupation.


Reprimands were proposed for a number of Non-Sabbatical Officers for not submitting their officer reports to this Council. I decided to vote against all of them because
a) the [part-time] officers have commitments beyond report-writing, can’t really fault them for slipping one time;
b) reports or lack thereof aren’t really any reflection the work they may (or may not) have been putting in.

– EEO (Ethical and Environmental Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand passed.
EEO apologised, said that report wasn’t submitted because of university work.

– EMO (Ethnic Minorities student Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand passed.
EMO wasn’t present at Council.

– HSO (Home Students Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand passed.
HSO apologised, said that he was doing his job still though.

– ISO (International Students Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand passed.
ISO wasn’t present at Council.

– MPTSO (Mature and Part-Time Students Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand passed.
MPTSO apologised, said that she had a deadline to work for.

– WO (Women’s Officer) –I voted Against reprimand; reprimand fell.
WO wasn’t present at Council.

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