Voting intention for Guild Council 14/11/2013


Hi everyone,
here’s how I intend to vote at the first Guild Council of the year, as representative of BEMA.

Guild Council is the highest student-run democratic body of the Guild* and decides via motions etc. what campaigns the Guild runs and how it runs to serve in the interests of students.

If you have any input or views on the motions i’d be happy to take them into consideration – also if you have views that you want shared at Council I can do that on your behalf.
Just contact me at

Guild Council is open to all members of the Guild, and takes place from 6-10:45pm on Thursday the 14th of November in the Guild Council Chambers (1st floor of the Guild).
It will also be streamed live by GTV (Guild TV) and be tracked by Redbrick.

*Non-student staff/management/bodies got final say though.



There are a few elections taking place in this Council that are open to all students – to run for a position just come down to the meeting and stand (or pre-submit a speech).

Student Equality and Diversity committee (x2 students)
Work with Liberation Associations (e.g. BEMA) and Representation Associations (e.g. Home Students’ Association) and help promote best practice with regards to equality and diversity issues within the Guild/University/wider community.
Will have input into Zero Tolerance policy and other related documents.

Student Groups committee
Responsible for recognising/derecognising societies and making recommendations on student groups grant allocation requests.

Democracy and Engagement committee (x3; inc. 1 firstyear)
Responsible for reviewing the Guild’s methods of engagement and its democratic structures and mechanisms.
Working with Liberation/Representation associations and addressing under-representation/under-represented groups within the Guild.

Steering Committee elections (x2)
Responsible for looking over Guild Council motions and other ideas/suggestions submitted to Guild governance structures and ensure they are in line with criteria for inclusion in Council, and/or the best path for their implementation.


Motion title Motion summary My voting intention
18a) Protecting personal privacy
Deferred from June Guild Council
Reserved Open Place Guild Councillor positions
(e.g. for LGBTQ, Disabled, BME Open Place)
to be filled by a system that allows candidates to avoid publically disclosing their membership in those minority groups,
so that they don’t have to ‘come out’ to the whole University in order to run.

Am sympathetic to the issue about having to publicly disclose personal information to the University population,
but am concerned about how candidates running particularly for those reserved places might be able to communicate their experience/perspectives/politics on (e.g.) LGBTQ issues for the sake of those voting based on those points…think it needs a bit more transparency.

Would vote For this if it were amended to take out race/ethnicity as a hidden criterion though;
think BME Open Place candidates should be able to use their election as a platform to put across their particular race-based liberation politics,
and [BME] voters should be able to vote for them based on these.

18b) Timetabling
Deferred from June Guild Council
Support/lobby University to ensure that standard timetabled lecture days don’t extend beyond 4 or 5pm, so that students (particularly Home Students) can attend social/society stuff, and Guild Council. For
18c) Book Exchange
Deferred from June Guild Council
Try and set up a formal book exchange system for 2nd hand books for students of the school of English, Drama and American & Canadian studies. For
18d) Free Fab
Deferred from June Guild Council
Remove guest list (and +1) entry for Sabbatical officers to ticketed events run by the Guild. Against

(Still) Don’t see the issue here.

18e) Love your officers
Deferred from June Guild Council
Bring back commendations (analogous to Guild Council reprimands but positive) for Guild Officers who have done good. AbstainNot against the idea, but am a bit concerned that this would further cut into the limited time available for motions in Council.
May be swayed.
18f) SGC composition Remove the Guild’s Vice President  of Democracy & Resources (VPDR) from the Student Groups Committee (who ratify societies/pass penalties against them etc.)
and replace them with another elected student.

Need to hear the arguments against this first.

Not sure why removing the VPDR is necessary, but like the idea of having student members elected at Student Groups Megaforums though.

18g) Keeping Fab Cool Survey Guild venues staff about how temperature/humidity affects their comfort while working;
address any issues that come up from responses.
18h) One Last Chance Take Virgin Media off the Guild’s blacklist (they were put there for poor quality service) and put it on a probationary period (in light of improved service recently) and allowing them to engage with students in the Guild. For

(Unless there’s a strong argument against it)

18i) Act on the EEP Policy Guild to implement their Ethical, Environmental and Procurement Policy more comprehensively,
and to appoint a Director for Sustainable Business.
18j) Support the Fossil Free campaign Guild to support the Fossil Free campaign which aims to get institutions to invest in more environmentally friendly/sustainable options.To ensure that the Guild invests out of fossil fuels where possible, and instead invest in low-carbon technologies and companies For

Too much Shell and BP at this University for comfort.

18k) More money, less CO2 To conduct an energy efficiency audit of the Guild and look into investing Guild’s reserves into recommended actions of the audit. For
18l) Commitment to the Living Wage Guild officers to re-commit to implementing the Living Wage for all Guild staff (motion was passed in support of this in a Council last year) and actively work towards implementing it. For
18m) Students Rights and Islamophobia motion Guild and University to publicly condemn the Student Rights ‘anti-extremism’ pressure group for their Islamophobic and politicised agenda.
To support the counter Real Student Rights campaign.

Most def.

Happy Islamophobia Awareness Month.

18n) G4S Guild to oppose the University’s contract(s) with security company G4S for the latter’s reported complicity in human rights abuses and grave misconduct of their staff.Lobby for University to exclude G4S from future contracts. For
18o) Removal of Senior Management Team Guild officers to remove Senior Management Team of the Guild
(who are non-students, non-elected, and sit above the officers in running the Guild)
and replace them with a team that works under the Officers and Guild Council, so that the Guild can become truly student-led.

Guild management have too much say over the Guild’s direction as it is.

18p) Supporting Student Campaigns Guild should facilitate and support external/national campaigns (namely the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts) by offering the Guild’s services for internal (student-rate) fees. For

Would be good to have other national student groups supported by the Guild where their aims align too.

18q) Supporting a National Movement Guild will provide reduced-price spaces and support national campaigns that campaigns that align with Guild’s policies and priorities. For
18r) Priority Campaigns and Meeting Guild to run a priority campaign each year, campaigned for and voted on by students at an annual meeting. Lesser-priority informal ‘discussion points’ can be voted on too. For  
18s) Guild TV Guild Council For Council to be streamed and recordings stored, with no ‘dead zones’ in the recording – because these dead zones break up the flow of the recording. Against

Guild Councils were streamed online for the first times over the course of last year, to open up the process to those who couldn’t/didn’t want to come to Council physically.

This was voted on at Council with the assurance that there would be a dead zone area where people would not be filmed if they didn’t feel comfortable expressing themselves for a recording.

This motion looks to take that away and that’s a bit crap.


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