Next BHM event (15/10) – Black Panthers in Conversation


Tuesday 15th October – 6pm – Arts Lecture Room 5

Black Panthers in Conversation: Mass Imprisonment, Racism and International Solidarity


BEMA’s Black History Month continues with a talk and Q&A from Jonina and Lorenzo Ervin, two veteran community activists and former Black Panther party members from the US.

They will be speaking on the mass incarceration of Black and BME individuals by the racist criminal justice system in North America and abroad, and how to build international solidarity movements in support of the oppressed, drawing from their experiences at Black radical organisers in the USA.

This will be a rare opportunity to hear from two inspiring activists speaking through the struggle, so make sure you’re there and spread the word –
it’s free and open to all.

Black Panthers poster


JoNina Abron Ervin is a journalist, author, retired educator, and veteran African-American community organizer.
She was a member of the original Black Panther Party for Self-Defense for nearly a decade (1972-1981) and was the last editor of the Black Panther newspaper.
She is a co-founder of the Southwest Michigan Coalition Against Racism and Police Brutality, which created a statewide movement against the use of racial profiling by Michigan police and held a rally against racial profiling at the Michigan state capitol in Lansing.

Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin has been a community activist since 1960, when the sit-in movement against racial segregation arrived in his hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
In the 1960’s, he became part of movements like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Black Panther Party, and while in prison in the late 70s, Lorenzo wrote several anarchist pamphlets, including Anarchism and the Black Revolution.
In 1987, Lorenzo helped file a class action civil rights lawsuit that resulted in the restructuring of the Chattanooga government and the election of several black city council members,
and in 2012 helped co-ordinate the ‘Lets Organize the Hood’ conference.

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