Voting intention for Guild Council 12/6/2013


Last Guild Council of the year, any issues comment below.

As always, Council is open to all (6pm in Guild Council Chambers) and should be streamed live at Redbrick’s website.


Motion title Summary of motion My voting intention
15a) Liberation Emergency MotionsDeferred from last Council Allow Liberation Associations to propose Emergency motions with priority after the deadline for regular motions if they are of urgency to the Association and/or its members. For
15b) Full-Time Liberation OfficersDeferred from last Council Investigate possibility of introducing Full-time paid Sabbatical Liberation Officers, working alongside the President/Vice Presidents of the Guild. For 
15c) Correct motivation for SabbsDeferred from last Council Get rid of excessive perks for Guild Officers; remove references of ‘CV bettering’ from advertising for positions to ensure that those running for positions apply for the right reasons. For
15d) ESD motionDeferred from last Council Ensure that in the long-term, ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ is integrated holistically into the University curriculum. ForESD includes: social & economic justice, cultural diversity, human rights of future generations and the protection/restoration of the Earth’s ecosystem.
15e) Support Workers motionDeferred from last Council Outline the Guild’s belief that the University is a community, with social responsibility and commitments (as opposed to some commodity or service).
Also, Officers to write letter to University management outlining the Guild’s opposition their decision to propose redundancies and contract changes for support staff.
ForLatest update on this campaign.


15f) Apprentices The Guild should offer work experience and apprenticeships to local young people, and lobby the University to do the same. For
15g) FE cooperation Guild to try and establish links with FE Unions in Birmingham and support them, given that they’re often under-resourced. For
15h) Student Businesses Guild to prioritise student/alumni-led businesses when looking for business to operate within it.
Also give them benefits/perks over those given to regular companies.
15i) Guild Council Guidance Notes Tweak system of proposing amendments to motions in Council, so that they can’t be called mid-discussion etc. AgainstSeems only to be adding bureaucracy to bureaucracy.

Decent point about not allowing procedural motions mid-speech though, wouldn’t mind keeping that.

15j) Establishing Quoracy Quoracy of Council to be determined by a running count of voting pads/ID cards. For
15k) Protecting personal privacy Reserved Open Place Guild Councillors positions (e.g. for LGBTQ, Disabled, BME) to be filled by a system that allows candidates to avoid publically disclosing their membership in those minority groups. Abstain/AgainstI’m sympathetic to the issue about having to publically disclose personal information, but I wonder how candidates running particularly for those reserved places might be able to communicate their experience/perspectives on (e.g.) Gay issues for the sake of those voting based on those points…think it needs a bit more transparency.

Quotas aren’t any cure in and of themselves.

15l) Appointment Panel Make Up amendment Removes University representatives from the Appointments Panel (who decide upon Trustees from candidates, to be ratified by Council), and replaces them with elected members of Council. ForThe University need not have that level of influence on the Guild’s internal affairs.
15m) Student Movement Make clear that the Guild’s position within the student movement is not one of isolation, but directly impacted by and impactful upon other Unions and groups nationally. For
15n) Timetabling Support/lobby University to ensure that standard timetabled lecture days don’t extend beyond 4 or 5pm, so that students (particularly Home Students) can attend social/society stuff, and Guild Council. For
15o) Book Exchange Try and set up a formal book exchange system for 2nd hand books for students of the school of English, Drama and American & Canadian studies. For
15p) Free Fab Remove guest list (and +1) entry for Sabbatical officers to ticketed events run by the Guild. AgainstDon’t see the issue here.
15q) Love your officers Bring back commendations (analogous to reprimands) for Guild Officers who have done good. AbstainNot against the idea, but am a bit concerned that this would further cut into the limited time available for motions in Council.
15r) SGC composition Remove the VP (Democracy & Resources) from the Student Groups Committee (who ratify societies/pass penalties against them etc.) and replace them with another elected student. Unsure/ForNeed to hear the arguments against this first.

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