Voting record for Guild Council 16/5/2013


Apologies for the delay on this.

Positive outcomes from this Council – 5 reserved places for BME Guild Councillors positions as of next year, and the possibility of having Liberation/BEMA Liberation officers in Halls of Residence.

Let me know if you have any questions/queries.

Edit: Those changes to the Guild Council places will probably not be active this upcoming year because of some technicalities.


Motion title Summary of motion My vote Outcome
11a) Lunar Room Change the name of the ‘Green room’ in the Guild to the ‘Lunar room’ after the original Lunar society of Birmingham (ft. Matthew Boulton, Joseph Priestly and James Watt) Abstain Fell
11b) Mental Health First Aid Guild officers to look into feasibility of introducing mental health first aid training for Guild staff. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11c) Living Wage Campaign Investigate possibility of readjusting pay scales with the Guild so that all staff receive at minimum a Living Wage;
Guild to support Living Wage campaign for University staff too.
n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11d) Liberation Training for committees Liberation Associations to contribute sections to Guild committee training programmes regarding liberation issues. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11e) Rethinking Freshers Fest Freshers Fest committee/VP (Democracy & Resources) and Liberation Associations to look into ways of making Freshers Fest more accommodating for sidelined/marginalised groups.
Amended: Add Representation Associations in too
Amended: Include VP (Housing & Community) and extend to Welcome Week on the whole, not just Freshers Fest
For Passed
11f) Motions Discussion Group Set up a Facebook group for Guild Councillors to discuss topics/motions prior to guild Council, so that Council is run more efficiently. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11g) Reclaim your Officers Reinstate the version of the Officer Disciplinary Policy that was passed by Council last year, before the Trustee Board took it upon themselves to alter it at their whim. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11h) Trustee Board Observers Allow for four members of the Guild to be elected as Observers to Trustee Board meetings, so that the Board’s actions are conducted with greater transparency and accountability.
Amended: Trustee Board’s Chair + VP (Democracy & Resources) to investigate practical mechanisms for getting student observers roles on to the Trustee Board, in line with Guild’s Articles of Association documentation.
For Passed
11i) New Guild Councillors Reform of the Guild Councillor system to be better representative – to include more reserved places for BME, Disabled, LGBTQ, Mature students as well as Student-Staff positions. For Passed
11j) Calling out sexism Establish a sub-committee of the Elections committee consisting of Liberation Association members and the VP (Welfare), to whom complaints of ‘negative campaigning’ towards election candidates can be referred if the complaint concerns examples of oppressive behaviour by said candidate. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11k) Women’s self defence classes Ensure that free women’s self-defence classes are arranged by the Guild on a permanent basis. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11l) Correct motivation for Sabbs Get rid of excessive perks for Guild Officers, remove references to CV bettering from advertising for positions to ensure that those running for positions apply for the right reasons. n/a Withdrawn, to be re-submitted for next Council.
11m) The Guild to continue ESD Ensure that in the long-term, ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ is integrated holistically into the University curriculum. n/a Deferred to next Council.
11n) PGRs who teach and UCU Lobby University to add section to Postgraduate Researchers-who-teach contracts informing them that they can become members of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) to represent them and their employment issues with the University. n/a Passed
(without discussion)
11o) Stand up for support workers Outline the Guild’s belief that the University is a community, with social responsibility and commitments (as opposed to some commodity or service).
Also, Officers to write letter to University management outlining the Guild’s opposition their decision to propose redundancies and contract changes for support staff.
n/a Deferred to next Council.
11p) Liberation Emergency motions Allow Liberation Associations to propose Emergency motions with priority after the deadline for regular motions if they are of urgency to the Association and/or its members. n/a Deferred to next Council.
11q) RA Liberation Officers Look into feasibility of creating Liberation representative Officers on the Hall Resident Association, to have that Liberation Association presence in student accommodation and among first years especially, who may not become otherwise aware of the Liberation Associations and the work they can do on behalf of them. For Passed
11r) Full-Time Liberation officers Investigate possibility of introducing Full-time paid Sabbatical Liberation Officers, working alongside the President/Vice Presidents of the Guild. n/a Deferred to next Council.

11a) I voted to Abstain on this; the arguments that it would have elevated one society above others were persuasive enough.

11e) I voted For this because it’s important, with Welcome Week/Freshers Fest being most students’ first point of contact with the University/Guild/people, that they better accommodates as many students as it can.

11h) I voted For this because having student Observers seems like a good way to help restore some of the democratic accountability and scrutiny that our Trustee Board by its nature denies.

11i) I voted For this because it allows for Guild Council to be better representative of, and hopefully responsive to, the needs of its members and groups within in.

11q) I voted For this because it’s an idea that could potentially make us Liberation Associations more effective in action and outreach.


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