NUS National Conference 2013 – Welfare Zone motions (600)


These are the motions being proposed to Conference for the Welfare Zone, who deal with issues that affect the Welfare of students within their academic institution or in their living accommodation (as opposed to the issues they would be subject to in wider society that affect them, which generally come under the Society & Citizenship Zone).

As you can see, I don’t really have any objections to any of the motions here myself, but if you have any particular concerns or strong feeling please comment below or email me at

For an intro/recap on Conference in general + all the motions click here.
For the Education Zone motions summary click here.
For the Society & Citizenship Zone motions summary click here.
For the Union Development Zone motions summary click here.


Motion #
Motion Title Summary of Motion Intentions
601 Making the case for Welfare Help SUs fight against cuts for Welfare services on-campus; help develop those existing welfare provisions to be more effective and reach vulnerable groups. For
601a + Amendment Lobby and resource institutions to better support Welfare Officers and services. For
601b  + Amendment Campaign for independent and well-funded advice services to be set up/supported at Universities. For



The Pound in Your Pocket Implement suggestions of NUS’ ‘Pound in your Pocket’ research report; push for overhaul of student finance and funding to be more effective/equitable/ comprehensive and standardised across HE and FE and across regions of UK. For



+ Amendment Lobby Universities to subsidise cuts made by central Government to Access to Learning (ALF) funding for disadvantaged students.
Co-ordinate research/action to achieve parity of funding across nations and student types (e.g. Mature, Part-time).
602b + Amendment Support SUs and national schemes into setting up Credit Unions as alternative sources of funding support to loans etc.
Don’t know anything about Credit Unions yet, but this sounds likely to be a For in the end.
602c + Amendment Launch ’Bring back EMA’ campaign – lobbying, petitioning, workshops, summits to mobilise campaign. For



Holding landlords and agents to account: Housing standards in private accommodation Push for better regulation of letting agents/private housing sector;
conduct research into student living quality and impact on quality of life and welfare, subsequently;
support SUs to better inform their members about how to deal with housing.
603a + Amendment Look into possibility of SUs running their own letting agents (like SHAC); train and support less well-off  SUs in developing housing fairs/partnerships/guidance resources for their members, giving particular support for FE SUs. For
603b + Amendment Implement ‘Rate your Landlord’ scheme nationally;
lobby Universities and landlords to cap accommodation fees/rent, remove admin fees for students, to cater better for range of student types (disabled, carers etc).
603c + Amendment Campaign more heavily on housing issues, including setting out demands for de-privatised accommodation;
lobby Universities to better support International students left vulnerable in the housing sector, including acting as their UK-based guarantors.
603d + Amendment Support development of self-organising and democratically-run student Tenants Unions;
campaign against letting agent fees, for rent controls and other housing related demands.
604 Transparency and fairness in student finance Lobby universities to be more transparent with costs (course material/accommodation and so on) and to push them for more affordable accommodation options;
lobby government for more statutory support for students, and for free lunches to be made available to FE students (as with sixth formers).
605 Students and community cohesion Help SUs work on matters of student-community integration that would be of mutual benefit;
student representation on local boards and governance structures (e.g. health and wellbeing boards) to be pushed for also.
Push for appropriate prayer facilities in SUs.
611 Sexual Health & Reproductive Rights Lobby for access to sexual health services to remain free/confidential/non-directive (pro-choice);
support SUs in dealing with anti-choice activists mobilising on campus/in community.
612 Mental Health awareness and challenging discrimination Lobby against mental health discrimination, and  for better training for staff on mental health awareness and issues;
move towards more robust and effective Mental Health campaigns (beyond just ‘awareness’);
lobby against government cuts to Mental Health services. 
612a + Amendment Lobby against Fit to Sit policies in exams. For
613 Council Tax and Part Time students Campaign for Part Time students to be exempt from Council Tax, as Full Time students are. For
614 Transport: Fair, Safe, Affordable Lobby for 16-25 Railcard to get rid of restrictions for PT/Mature students;
support SUs to lobby Universities on lecture timing and campus parking fees to be friendlier to students travelling in;
to lobby local authorities/bodies to make public/alternative transport reasonably-priced/easier;
lobby against above-Retail Prices Index rises to rail fares.
615 Welfare for Trainee teachers Push for universities to offer better provisions to trainee teachers on placements (especially those with children), particularly with regards to timings of placement fitting around life demands and availability of university services. For
616 Lad Culture & Hidden Marks Expand Zero Tolerance policy across HE sector; institutions/SUs to vet entertainment partners and ensure they don’t promote sexism/derogatory ideas in their promotion and events. For
617 Welfare in the Arts Work with SUs and institutions on providing welfare and skills support to students, particularly those in Arts education who may be more likely to encounter different pressures than other students groups. For
618 Drug Policy NUS to poll membership on attitudes to Drug Policy in the UK (to: liberalise/maintain/make harsher); develop a stance based on the result of that poll and work with similarly-minded organisations to lobby accordingly in run up to 2015 elections. For
619 Integration between home and international students Research into and promote integration initiatives between Home and International students; lobby Universities to increase English language support for international students. For

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