NUS National Conference 2013 – Society & Citizenship Zone motions (400)


Here is a summary of the motions being sent to Conference for the Society & Citizenship Zone of NUS, regarding action and work that the NUS would undertake in the interest of wider social justice, at a local and governmental level.

For any questions/clarification on voting intentions or NUS or Conference procedure please comment below or email me at

For an intro/recap on Conference in general + all the motions click here.
For the Education Zone motions summary click here.

Motion #
Motion Title Summary of motion Intentions
401 Organising for now and for 2015 Get SUs to engage more activism towards specific campaigns (e.g. Living Wage), plus to mobilise members for 2015 elections through registration and lobbying etc. For
401a + Amendment Research on and deliver training and support for Living Wage campaigns across UK. For
402 Votes at 16 Campaign and lobby support for Votes at 16 campaign, include trade unions and FE SUs particularly. For
402a + Amendment Include direct action and stunts for Votes at 16 campaigns. For
403 Ethical Sourcing/Ethical Investment Push for more ethical investment/procurement in SUs/NUS, offer assistance to SUs on achieving this is SUs. For
403a -/+ Amendment Collaborate specifically with ethical and human rights-action organisations like People & Planet, War on Want, Labour Behind the Label and the Workers Rights Consortium. For

UoB recently joined the Workers Rights Consortium after years of lobbying from People & Planet society and students.
403b Conflict in the Congo Work towards conflict mineral-free procurement within NUS; campaign for external companies and Government to remove conflict minerals from their supply chains. For
404 Tax Avoidance Campaign against Tax Avoidance by corporations in UK; research into the detrimental effects of large-scale corporate tax avoidance on public investment in services/HE. For
405 Child Poverty Research the long-term effects of Child Poverty on education attainment and employment. Get SUs to support local food banks. For 

Childhood Poverty being a particular concern in Birmingham.

405a + Amendment Demand minimum wage at London Living Wage of £8.55;demand taxing the rich and expropriation of banks to create public sector jobs;

demand scrapping of anti-union laws

411 Council and Cuts Lobby central Government and local Councils against further cuts to public services. For 

Public service cuts also being somewhat of a crisis in Birmingham.

412 Reinventing the Study Leaver Employment landscape For development of a fairer, more transparent system for graduate employment.
Change graduate employment culture to be more globally conscious, supportive of small- and medium-sized enterprises.
412a + Amendment Work on creating jobs with NUS and SUs, lobby for careers guidance in FE to make up for loss of Connexions. For
413 Strong Students’ Unions for strong citizens Lobby for universities to educate and engage on citizenship, social responsibility, Liberation and leadership. For
414 Sex and Relationships Education Lobby for instatement of compulsory and comprehensive Sex and Relationship Health education in schools; oppose cuts to SRE and PSHE funding. For
415 Responding to NHS Reform Oppose privatisation of NHS services, find methods for better NUS-NHS cooperation, research into effects of cuts/NHS reform on vulnerable groups in society.
(+ bring sexual health issues and services to forefront)
415a + Amendment Engage in direct campaigning action against NHS privatisation, as well as committing support the Keep Our NHS Public campaign. For
416 Challenging Racism & Fascism on our campuses and in our communities Challenge Racism/Fascism through enforcing No Platform policies in Unions; mobilisations against fascist demonstrations; push voting drive for MEP elections to ensure no seats are won by BNP etc members again. For
416a + Amendment Produce campaigning materials to support anti-Fascist campaigns. For
417 Climate Change: the greatest threat facing humanity & the next steps to stop it Push for decarbonisation of electricity in Britain and aim for decarbonisation target for 2030.
Work with relevant Greenpeace/environmental campaigns towards greener campuses.
418 Bedroom Tax Lobby against the implementation of the ‘Bedroom Tax’, which took effect on April 1st.
419 Hands off Africa and the Middle East Oppose military intervention in Africa and the Middle East; scrap Trident nuclear weapons program;
work with Stop the War Coalition and Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
420 Protecting and advancing the Arts Protect Arts and creative subjects through national campaign; improve accessibility of arts to communities; hold MPs to account on their commitment to defending Arts funding. For
421 Evidence based Drug policy Lobby for independent impact assessment of the Misuse of Drug Act (1971) and for better education, rehabilitation and treatment services for problem users. For
422 An NUS for migrants rights Support migrants rights, and encourage students at risk of deportation to make themselves known to SUs who will relay information to NUS;
to include calling for Government to ratify International Convention on Rights for Migrants and their Families, among others.
423 Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions against Israel Lobby for Government and Universities to adopt and support the calls of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against the Israeli state, and other trans/multinational corporations complicit in human rights abuses against the Palestinian people, until Israel complies with international law.
Campaign for an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza, occupation of the West Bank, the right of return for Palestinian refugees.
424 Greece Publicise material featuring, and collaborate with, Greek students involved in activism during its current crisis. For
425 Europe Oppose campaigns for Britain to leave the EU; work for student and labour movement unity across Europe to fight for democratisation and against austerity; oppose antagonism against EU migrants moving to UK. Can’t profess to know much about either side of the argument regarding EU membership, so will have to read up on that before making intention.
Spirit of the motion otherwise is definitely something to be supported.
426 Syria Support Syrian international students financially/affected by the ongoing crisis to continue their studies in the UK by getting Universities to offer hardship funds, fee waivers and deferrals where necessary. For
427 Scottish Independence NUS UK to remain neutral on the Scottish independence referendum (NUS Scotland may take a stance if this is decided upon by its members) For
423 [sic?] Coordinated action the Trade Union movement Act with the Trade Union Congress on co-ordinated actionincluding student walkouts around a possible General Strike; encourage involvement/organisation by student workers in unions. For

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