Voting record for Guild Council 21/3/2013


Here’s how I voted at March Guild Council, comment if you have any problems/questions.

Will update on the outcome of Elections when the results are released.
Edit 28/3 – Outcomes updated



 Motion title Summary of motion My vote Outcome
12a) Voting Regulations – Defer to DAMSA Defer a previous motion calling for a change to voting regulations for the Disabled Students’ Officer, to the Disabled and Mental Health Students’ Association (DAMSA) to decide N/A Passed(without discussion)
*12b) Joint University-Guild committee for international students
(Deferred from last Council)
Establish a committee between the Guild and University, to hold monthly meetings discussing and suggesting solutions to issues affecting international students at the University (e.g. housing, representation, participation).
Amendment: Changed composition of committee, including EU/non-EU representatives.
Also mandate applies to different Officers now.
For Passed
12c) International Diversity To add the International Students’ Officer (ISO) to the Guild’s Equality & Diversity committee, so that International students and their specific issues get better representation there. N/A Passed(without discussion)
12d) GCGN motions Makes small amendments to the procedure of Guild Council as laid out in the Guild Council Guidance Notes. N/A Passed(without discussion)
*12e) RA events VPHC (Housing & Community) to assist in a reform of the events planning process for Resident Associations of Halls to make them less restrictive and bureaucratic. For Passed
12f)  Four Sports Guild Councillors rather than eight, to be elected through a Sports MegaforumMotion withdrawn Reduces the number of Sports Guild Councillors, changes the process for electing them. N/A N/A

12b) I voted For this because the attacks that International Students are facing at present from the Government mean that it’s a matter of priority that they get all the support from the University they need; opening up this as a channel of communication between them is a good long-term strategy to ensure their requirements are understood and acted upon.

12e) I voted For this because there was no reason not to.

(Real talk – there was no opposition.)

1) Nominations Committee [x4] (Recommend nominations for members of the Guild to receive Life Memberships of the Guild, who will be voted on at Council)
My voting (in order of preference):
Jennifer Kirk, Bethan Dovey, Dwayne Spiteri, Edward Sainsbury
Jennifer Kirk, Bethan Dovey, Dwayne Spiteri and Edward Sainsbury duly elected on to Nominations Committee

2) Freshers Fest Committee [x2] (Set direction and decision making for Freshers Fest events held in September)
My voting (in order of preference):
Mohammed Mumit, James Bowker
Mohammed Mumit and Katy Farmer duly elected on to Freshers Fest Committee

*Officer Disciplinary Committee [x1] (Review allegations of poor performance/misconduct by Guild Officer, decide if they will be put through Disciplinary Process)
My voting (in order of preference):
Ben Puusta
Ben Puusta duly elected on to Officer Disciplinary Committee

*Chairs of Guild Council [x2] (Chair Guild Councils and ensure that they are run fairly and balanced)
My voting (in order of preference):
Bethan Dovey, Julian Bryant
Bethan Dovey duly elected as GC Chair,
Julian Bryant duly elected as GC Deputy Chair


-VPAD, for wasting Guild Council’s time and disregarding their authority, by not doing enough in his role on Student Groups Committee (SGC) to ensure that the de-recognition of People & Planet society was overturned (after Guild Council decided to reject its derecognition twice before)
VPAD claimed his role was to facilitate SGC in neutrality.
I voted For this Censure, the censure Fell.

President, for not ensuring adequate coverage of International Women’s Day in Redbrick.
President claimed that it was not his position or right to infringe upon Redbrick’s editorial autonomy, only to look out for legal issues.
I voted Against this Censure, the censure Fell.

-President, for his role on the Elections committee who unjustly punished candidates in the Guild Officer elections because one of their supporters released information on an opposing candidate who had made sexist comments.
President made a number of defences against his position, and the process undertaken by the Elections committee etc (not all of which I was able to hear, hence my vote below).
I voted to Abstain* from this Censure, the censure Passed.
Because I wasn’t sure from what I heard exactly how much he could be held culpable here. In hindsight + from what I gathered afterwards I should have voted For this though, my bad BEMA.

-Home Students Officer, for comments made by him and the former Home Students Association committee that discriminated against and disregarded the needs of Muslim Home students.
HSO claimed that he was making a commentary on the nature of the Association without passing action, and that the comments were misinterpreted.
I voted For this Censure, the censure Passed.

-President, for violating the Guild Bye-Laws by not allowing the VPDR to Chair Elections Committee.
President claimed that accusations were misguided/uninformed, and that the VPDR wasn’t barred per se.
I voted For this Censure, the censure Fell.

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