BEMA AGM 2013 results


On Thursday 21st March, BEMA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2013 where we elected a new committee for the next academic year, and revised our constitution to include new committee positions and to specify BEMA’s objectives better.

Below are the outcome of the elections, and the Constitution for your viewing.

BEMA Committee 2013-14:
Chair – Olivia Ogolo
Vice Chair/Secretary – Zarah Sultana
Treasurer – Sahar Abdulrahman
Marketing & PR Officer – Seun Alayande
Cultural Liaison Officer – Nerisa Anwar
Local Liaison Officers – Mischa Howell & Ayesha Latif
Campaigns Officer – Samira Musa
Guild Councillor – Azfar Shafi
Co-Chair & Ethnic Minorities Officer – Tracy Makale


We wish the new committee all the best and hope that BEMA grows only stronger next year.

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