Voting intention for Guild Council 21/3/2013


Here’s how I intend to vote on behalf of BEMA at the March Guild Council being held on Thursday 21st March.
6-10:45pm in Guild Council Chambers, all welcome (also streamed live at

Also there will be a number of elections held at this Council for positions that any student can run for:

*Nominations Committee (x4): Recommending nominations for members of the Guild to receive Life Memberships of the Guild (who will be voted on at Council);
will meet at least once during term 3.

*Freshers Fest committee (x2): Setting direction and decision making for Freshers Fest events held in September;
will meet three times during term 3, once in September.

*Chairs of Guild Council (x2; inc. 1 Deputy): Chairing Guild Council and ensuring they are run fairly and balanced.
Will also be on the other committees including Steering Committee, which sets agenda for Council meetings.

To run for any position either show up at Council in person, or pre-submit your speech to

Let me know if you have any questions about the elections or my voting –


 Motion title Summary of motion My voting intention
12a) Voting Regulations – Defer to DAMSA Defer a previous motion calling for a change to voting regulations for the Disabled Students’ Officer, to the Disabled and Mental Health Students’ Association (DAMSA) to decide For
The motion in question calls for voting regulations to encourage self-defined disabled students and those with long term medical conditions or those affected by disability to vote for the Disabled Students’ Officer in Guild elections.
This motion fell because it was felt that allowing those ‘affected’ by disability (such as carers) to vote on behalf of disabled students’ interests was disempowering to those students.
The overriding sentiment though was that this should be an issue addressed and decided upon by disabled students, which this allows.
12b) Joint University-Guild committee for international students
(Deferred from last Council)
Establish a committee between the Guild and University, to hold monthly meetings discussing and suggesting solutions to issues affecting international students at the University (e.g. housing, representation, participation). For


12c) International Diversity To add the International Students’ Officer (ISO) to the Guild’s Equality & Diversity committee, so that International students and their specific issues get better representation there. For
12d) GCGN motions Makes small amendments to the procedure of Guild Council as laid out in the Guild Council Guidance Notes. For
12e) RA events VPHC (Housing & Community) to assist in a reform of the events planning process for Resident Associations of Halls to make them less restrictive and bureaucratic. For
12f)  Four Sports Guild Councillors rather than eight, to be elected through a Sports Megaforum Reduces the number of Sports Guild Councillors, changes the process for electing them. For
Eight Councillors representing Sports groups is disproportionate, given that BME students have 1, women have 4, etc.

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