Voting record for Guild Council 21/2/2013


Apologies for the massive delay in posting this up – below is how I voted on behalf of BEMA at February’s Guild Council.

Let me know if you have any questions/queries,



 Motion title Summary of motion My vote Outcome
9a) Amendments Make it regular practice that amendments to motions being debated are now submitted min. 3 days before Council rather than during it.
Would give Councillors time to consider and consult upon these changes.
Amended: If motion proposer agrees to an amendment made during Council it will be incorporated into the motion; no discussions to held on amendments though.
Against Passed
9b) Membership Areas is for Members Ban/stop local school children taking up space in the Guild (sofa area etc.) Against Passed
Sabb n Fresh
Mandates entire Sabbatical Officer team to attend at least 4 Guild club nights per semester, unless they have religious/cultural/medical objections
Amended: Any 4 Guild nights, not just club nights
Against Fell
9d) Fabs for Non-Sabbs Allow free entrance to Guild club nights for non-Sabbatical officers (i.e.Ethnic Minorities Officer, International Students Officer etc.) on request For Fell
9e) Putting the fun back in Volfunteering
Motion withdrawn
Mandates President + Vice Presidents of Welfare and Activities & Development to do some fundraising for charity N/A N/A
9f) Agenda items Council motions relating to disability issues automatically moved to top of agenda, to allow disabled attendees to have their say on motion before it gets too/uncomfortably late in session. N/A Passed

(without discussion)

9g) Save Selly Oak Guild to support councillors/residents in lobbying against irresponsible building extensions by landlords on Selly Oak properties, which are apparently unwanted and negatively affect heritage of the area N/A Passed

(without discussion)

9h) Joint University-Guild committee for international students Establish a committee between the Guild and University, to hold monthly meetings discussing and suggesting solutions to issues affecting international students at the University (e.g. housing, representation, participation). N/A Deferred to next Council

(discussion between parties concerned needed first)

9i) NUS motions Proposes a number of motions for the Guild to submit to NUS National Conference in April.
Motions pertain to/affirm robust views and action from NUS in defence of public education, social welfare, anti-fascism, the NHS, accommodation standards, and democratic student-led Student Unions.

And expropriating the banks.
Amended: Added that Student Unions are to lobby for affiliation with the Workers Rights Consortium (as the University currently does after years of lobbying), and to strive to work with groups like War on Want, People & Planet etc.

For Passed
9j) Trustee Board Set it as Guild belief that: having Trustee Boards governing the actions of SUs are a legal obligation, but one we accept only begrudgingly. N/A Passed

(without discussion)

9k) Action (revised) The Guild will encourage and support students’ actions in defence of education, including protest by walkout, occupation and actions that disrupt University’s events.
(Note: Slightly re-worded version of motion submitted to last Guild Council)
Amended: Removed automatic support for disrupting open days and distinguished lectures.
Student media groups (Redbrick etc.) can comment and/or condemn action under Freedom of Press.
For Passed
9l) Student Groups Performances Student Groups take priority on room bookings for the Guild, and their Venues department should work around/with them to accommodate both their needs. N/A Passed

(without discussion)

9a) I voted Against this because the amendments system had been an important part of the voting process of Guild Council, and on many occasions helped got important motions revised to the point of consensus, whereas otherwise they would have been voted down.
9b) I voted Against this because it seemed like the Guild was extending a bit of social goodwill by letting them private schools youts in.
The private schooled of Guild Council thought otherwise.
9c) I voted Against this because essentially forcing Sabbatical officers to attend Guild nights, on top of their workload, seemed unfair.
And encountering a moody Sabb at one of these nights would have likely prove counterproductive to this motion’s aims of getting students better acquainted with their officers.
9d) I voted For this however, because it was les forceful but seemed a nice gesture. Arguments in opposition claimed that this incentive might have attracted people to run for Non-Sabb positions merely for these perks; and these arguments won.
9i) I voted For these because they were strong and progressive motions for the NUS to adopt that i’d hope to see pass at Conference in April, because Lord knows the NUS could do with more forcefulness next year.
9k) I voted For this because for the Guild to offer anything other than support for legitimate protest actions by its members can put those members at risk – last year the Guild’s indecisiveness/opposition to protest (somewhat inadvertently) led to a student put to disciplinary, for example. Having the Guild support legitimate protest ensures that such conflicts of interest (political and welfare) do not arise in future.


1) Elections Committee
(Elections committee oversee the running of Guild elections and ensure a free and fair process, as well as promoting them for turnout.)
My voting (in order of preference)
Sandhya Trott, Ben Puusta
Outcome: Sandhya Trott elected to Elections committee

2) Deputy Chair of Guild Council
(Chair/Deputy Chair of Guild Council oversee that Council is run properly/fairly/balanced, and act in a  neutral capacity)
My voting (in order of preference)
Bethan Dovey
Outcome: Bethan Dovey elected as Deputy Chair of Guild Council


*VPHC (Housing & Community) for signing off on the decision to remove mixed recycling boxes in exchange for wheelie bins in Selly Oak.
I voted Against the Reprimand, reprimand Fell.
VPHC argued that it wasn’t his decision to make, it was the Council’s, and he had no power over the procedure.


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