Voting intention for Guild Council 21/2/2013


Here are my voting intentions the February Guild Council, being held today (6pm in Guild Council Chambers and open to all – also being streamed live).

Let me know below if you have any input/concerns/questions.

Notice #1 – General Meeting of the Guild is being held on Monday the 26th at 6pm in the Vaughan Jeffreys Lecture Theatre in the Education building, and all members of the Guild are welcome to attend and vote.

Notice #2 – Love Talent: Hate Racism on a week from now, come come.


 Motion title Summary of motion My voting intention
9a) Amendments
(Deferred from last Council)
Make it regular practice that amendments to motions being debated are now submitted min. 3 days before Council rather than during it.
Would give Councillors time to consider and consult upon these changes.
Re: The debating and discussion of motions in Council can and should be a fluid process. This would definitely impede that fluidity.
9b) Membership Areas is for Members
(Deferred from last Council)
Ban/stop local school children taking up space in the Guild (sofa area etc.) Against
May I never become too well-acquainted with the depths of this motion proposer’s callousness.
Sabb n Fresh
(Deferred from last Council)
Mandates entire Sabbatical Officer team to attend at least 4 Guild club nights per semester, unless they have religious/cultural/medical objections AgainstThis isn’t something I feel particularly strong about really.

But 4 times a semester, and forcing it upon Officers, seems unfair.

9d) Fabs for Non-Sabbs
(Deferred from last Council)
Allow free entrance to Guild club nights for non-Sabbatical officers (i.e.Ethnic Minorities Officer, International Students Officer etc.) on request For
Non-Sabbs deserve some recompense for their work,
and this is a start.
9e) Putting the fun back in Volfunteering
(Deferred from last Council)
Mandates President + Vice Presidents of Welfare and Activities & Development to do some fundraising for charity Unsure/For
I’m willing to be swayed by arguments from the floor on this, but find nothing disagreeable in it myself.
9f) Agenda items Council motions relating to disability issues automatically moved to top of agenda, to allow disabled attendees to have their say on motion before it gets too/uncomfortably late in session. Unsure, leaning towards For
Am generally in support of the spirit of this motion, just going to listen out for a few reassurances on practicality/logistics before deciding though.
9g) Save Selly Oak Guild to support councillors/residents in lobbying against irresponsible building extensions by landlords on Selly Oak properties, which are apparently unwanted and negatively affect heritage of the area For
9h) Joint University-Guild committee for international students Establish a committee between the Guild and University, to hold monthly meetings discussing and suggesting solutions to issues affecting international students at the University (e.g. housing, representation, participation). For
9i) NUS motions Proposes a number of motions for the Guild to submit to NUS National Conference in April.
Motions pertain to/affirm robust views and action from NUS in defence of public education, social welfare, anti-fascism, the NHS, accommodation standards, and democratic student-led Student Unions.And expropriating the banks.
ForCertainly the sort of motions i’d want to be voting for while at Conference.

And expropriating the banks.

9j) Trustee Board Set it as Guild belief that: having Trustee Boards governing the actions of SUs are a legal obligation, but one we accept only begrudgingly. For
The Trustee Board as a body is undemocratic and disenfranchising, given its supreme power over the Guild.Note: The General Meeting of the Guild being held on Tuesday (26th) addresses some of most pressing concerns to be had with our Trustee Board.
For more information on how you can affect positive change in your Guild click here
9k) Action (revised) The Guild will encourage and support students’ actions in defence of education, including protest by walkout, occupation and actions that disrupt University’s events.
(Note: Slightly re-worded version of motion submitted to last Guild Council)
Definitely; the current climate for Higher Education is very unsettling, and the University’s happy complicity with the government’s destructive policies is not something students should be accepting in apathy.
Action is thus justified, and the Guild has a duty to support students here.
9l) Student Groups Performances Student Groups take priority on room bookings for the Guild, and their Venues department should work around/with them to accommodate both their needs. For

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