Voting record for Guild Council 31/1/2013


Apologies for delay in posting this up, the committee and I got caught up working for Imperialism Awareness week.

Below is how I voted on behalf of BEMA members at the January Guild Council.

The most significant successes for us at this Council were the passing of motions that set aside £2,000 grant for BEMA to fund Black History Month events, and a system allowing for the deferral of motions to Liberation Associations where the motion of the content pertains to/concerns/affects mostly members of that Association – which is a another step towards further autonomy for Liberation Associations.

(Although as always, all motions passed here are subject to the whims of the Trustee Board so i’m not getting overly hype just yet.)

On unrelated note, the deadline for applications to our Love Talent: Hate Racism talent show is this Wednesday (13th), and tickets will be on sale soon time.

Motion title Summary of motion My vote Outcome
*7a) University meetings
(Deferred from last Council)
For the Sabbatical Officer group to refuse co-operation with any University attempts at restricting officers/elected student representatives from engaging with the University.
Amendment: Removed part of the original mandate calling for the President to write a formal public letter of complaint to the University for barring the VPE from attending a meeting.
Apparently the incident didn’t transpire quite as it appeared to have.
For Passed
*7b) RA Training
(Deferred from last Council)
Improve the quality of training of RAs (Resident Associations for Halls).
Amendment: To collaborate with Liberation associations on Training, remove President from role.
For Passed
*7c) Action
(Deferred from last Council)
The Guild will encourage and support students’ actions in defence of education, including protest by walkout, occupation and actions that disrupt University’s events. N/A Withdrawn
Will be re-written and re-submitted to future Council to outline what constitutes ‘appropriate’ protest
*7d) Student Housing
(Deferred from last Council)
Guild should actively support financially viable alternative solutions to improving the state of accommodation/rent in Selly Oak et al., including affirming support for housing co-operatives.
Also to produce a comprehensive report on issues students have had with housing (landlords issues etc.)
For Passed 
7e) Hunting with Dogs Make it official Guild stance to stand against hunting foxes with dogs. N/A Passed
(without discussion)
*7f) Sports Representation Guild Councillor Positions Add Guild Councillor positions to represent UBSport groups – 6 from the Sports Club miniforum and 2 from the Intra Mural Sport League. For  Passed
*7g) Censures and Reprimands Change procedure so that any call for the Censure/Reprimand of a Guild Officer be pre-submitted min. 7 days before a Guild Council, so that they have the chance to prepare a defence.
Amendment: Doesn’t apply to Reprimands; Censures must be submitted min. 3 days before Council.
For  Passed
7h) Accommodation Survey Survey to be conducted into the welfare of students in Halls by Vice Presidents of Welfare and Housing & Community. N/A Passed
(without discussion)
7i) Annual Winter Birmingham Food Drive Guild to organise and promote an annual food drive in aid of vulnerable local communities. N/A Passed
(without discussion)
*7j) Set Black History Month grant Set an annual grant of £2000 for BEMA to organise BHM events For+ Passed
7k) No-Entry Policy for Blackface Create a no-entry policy to all Guild events and club nights for students who black up their skin for fancy dress N/A Passed
(without discussion)
*7l) Amendments Make it regular practice that amendments to motions being debated are now submitted min. 3 days before Council rather than during it.
Would give Councillors time to consider and consult upon these changes.
N/A  Deferred to next Guild Council
*7m) Membership area is for Members Ban/stop local school children taking up space in the Guild (sofa area etc.) N/A  Deferred to next Guild Council
7n) Support for Syrian students Guild to commit to defending Syrian students’ ability to continue studies, if situation in Syria is affecting their financial/funding status here. N/A Passed
(without discussion)
7o) The Guild opposes Birmingham City Council cuts Raise awareness of, and prepare campaigns against, public expenditure cuts being made by the local council. N/A Passed
(without discussion)
*7p) Sabb n Fresh Mandates entire Sabbatical Officer team to attend at least 4 Guild club nights per semester, unless they have religious/cultural/medical objections N/A  Deferred to next Guild Council
*7q) Fabs for Non-Sabbs Allow free entrance to Guild club nights for non-Sabbatical officers (i.e.Ethnic Minorities Officer, International Students Officer etc.) on request N/A  Deferred to next Guild Council
7r) Deferring to Liberation Associations Motions at Guild Council can be deferred to (relevant) Liberation associations to deal with upon vote at Council N/A Passed
(without discussion)
*7s) Putting the fun back in Volfunteering Mandates President + Vice Presidents of Welfare and Activities & Development to do some fundraising for charity N/A  Deferred to next Guild Council

7a) I voted For this because to allow the University to pick and choose when they will listen to students/their representatives would fundamentally undermines one of the major reasons for having a Students Union, and neutralises its political clout.
Was only starred to amend out the part about the VPE meeting.

7b) I voted For this because it made sense; something constructive.
The amendment was also something I was fully behind, and should bring Liberation issues more to the forefront in the RAs’ activities.

7d) I voted For this because proactive student-led enterprises should be something for the Guild to support and encourage (within reason).
Opposition to this motion focused on the point that student co-ops on their own won’t solve all the housing problems for all students living in housing…which wasn’t really an argument.
Until the Guild can themselves manage to improve the housing situation on a mass scale this is a positive move, and wouldn’t hinder or fragment any future larger scale initiatives.

7f) I voted For this.
Arguments against the motion stated that the UBSport system isn’t really something the Guild is actively involved in, and/so motions coming from these new Councillors pertaining to it might congest Guild Council unnecessarily; there are more appropriate channels for Sports-related issues to be addressed.

7g) I voted For this, the amendment made cleared up the issues I had about the rigidness of a 7 day deadline.

7j) +I think I voted For this, can’t say for certain if my vote went through…
But either way this is clearly a victory for BEMA, and provided the Trustee Board doesn’t try screwing us over when ratifying this, we can look forward to even better Black History Month events in the future. Well done to President Areeq for submitting this.


*A reprimand (originally a Censure, then toned down) was called on the VPHC (Housing & Community) for failing to complete a mandate in time.
The VPHC said in defence that he would get around to it but had been too busy prior.
I voted For the reprimand, and it passed – the VPHC was reprimanded.

Let me know if you have any questions/problems with how I voted.



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