Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Voting record Guild Council 15/11/2012

Here’s how I voted at Guild Council last Thursday (15/11/2012) on behalf of BEMA.

Motions with asterisks (*) next to their name were debated at request of Council attendees, the rest passed automatically.

Note: All motions passed are subject to scrutiny and acceptance/rejection by the Guild’s Trustee Board, who sit above Guild Council in terms of power.
Where a motion may have asked for changes to the Bye-Laws of the Guild, this is also subject to approval by University Council, which are a body of the University rather than the Guild.


Motion title Summary of motion My vote Outcome
11a) My vote

(Motion revoked by proposer)
Motions in Guild Council that receive between 45-60% of votes For will be taken to online referendum for general students to vote on. N/A N/A
11b) Distinction motion Make clear distinction in Guild literature between liberation associations (BEMA, LGBTQ etc.) and student groups (societies etc.) N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11c) Bryn Gough room Rename ‘Basement meeting room’ in the Guild to the ‘Bryn Gough room’, after a recently deceased student of the University. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
*11d) Filming Guild Council Guild Council should no longer be streamed online during sessions. Against Fell
11e) Ban on stereotyping and bigoted material “The Guild of Students will ban all material, including Guild publicity and commercial advertisements, that upholds or propagates racial/gender/sexuality-related/disability-related stereotypes…or which discriminates against poorer economic classes” N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11f) Academic numbers and stress Guild will support academics by lobbying University to increase spend on staff, cease compulsory redundancies and invest for their stress-related wellbeing. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
*11g) Guidance documents Place control of Guild governance back into students’ hands rather than University-related bodies.
Write new guidance document for Guild bye-laws.
For Passed
*11h) Women’s motion “Mandate the Officer team to listen to women” For Passed
*11i) Guild Council guidance notes reform Re-write Guild Council guidance notes to better reflect Guild’s current needs. N/A Deferred to next Guild Council because of time constraints
11j) Safety Investigate feasibility of setting up a ‘walking bus’ system from the Guild after Guild events to Selly Oak, The Vale, Pritchatt’s Park N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
*11k) Barring police from the Guild Guild should not accommodate unmonitored police presence on premises (to within legal boundaries – will be permitted in on suspicion of crime etc.)Guild should not align with police initiatives/programmes before consulting Guild Council/students. For Passed
*11l) Capitalism beliefs “The Guild believes that capitalism does not benefit members of the Guild of Students”. N/A Deferred to next Guild Council because of time constraints
*11m) VPDR motion Change name of Guild ‘Vice President of Democracy and Resources’ to ‘Vice President of Democracy and Sustainable Resources’, better reflecting the aims of the role. N/A Deferred to next Guild Council because of time constraints
11n) Living Wage Support a Living Wage campaign for student staff, and its implementation. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11o) Fundraising “The Guild believes that RAG raids, as a fundraising activity, are non-alcoholic fundraising events” N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11p) Diversity in our University: Oppose the redundancy of Dr Nafafe Guild to support campaign against Dr. Jose Nafafe’s forced redundancies. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11q) PGRs and Officer elections Increase accessibility of officer elections for Postgraduate Research Students, by giving extensions on registration period. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11r) Student media Guild to actively support and and display student-produced media where possible. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11s) Liberation autonomy Liberation group autonomy to be respected – make officers fully accountable to group members rather than to Guild Council, and allow for bye-elections of Liberation officers at their respective associations’ EGMs. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11t) Understanding the Memorandum of Understanding Guild officers to write a report on the Guild’s Memorandum of Understanding governance document, and suggest its support, renewal or removal consequently. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11u) GOG > SOG Place Guild Officer Group (Sabbatical+Non-Sabbatical Officers) above Sabbatical Officer Group in authority hierarchy of Guild. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11v) Renewable Energy Convert Guild to renewable energy as soon as possible, and lobby University and appropriate bodies to do so too. N/A (passed without discussion) Passed
11w) Democracy and Engagement Committee-Referendum Reduce number of student petition signatures needed to call for a referendum from 5% to 1.5% of total membership (250-400 students approx.) N/A (passed without discussion) Passed

11d) I voted Against this because while I appreciate the counter-argument that individuals may feel uncomfortable being filmed and having their views made openly available, I think that these have been reasonably enough accounted for (e.g. allowing for a blindspot for those not wanting to be filmed). Also I thought it important to open Guild Council up to those who can’t make it to meetings physically.

11g) I voted For this because it’s an important step if taken as an ongoing movement to secure the Guild’s autonomy from the University, who have far too much control over the way we run our Union.

11h) I voted For this. Premise was sound; proposer’s argument showed that this motion actually intended to engage with the issues of women in the Guild and Guild structures.

11k) I voted For this because I believe that it is in the interests of the Guild as a political institution, and for the welfare of its members/students, to have police presence regulated in the Guild.

Censures for Guild officers:

-Censure VPDR (Vice President Democracy & Resources) for errors and misconduct during the recent Guild Councillor elections.
I voted For this censure; censure passed.
While I was to the VPDR’s defence that these were genuine accidents on his part, and that they were small in number whilst the elections ran smoothly generally, I still felt it only right that he take responsibility for his actions.

-Censure VPHC (Housing & Community) for making poor decisions on behalf of Halls Residence Associations.
I voted For this censure; censure passed.
Again, the VPHC recognised his errors and apologised but I thought it important to send the message that he needs to engage properly and fully with those he represents and works with.

-Censure VPHC for poor handling of RAG raids charity collection (see motion 11o)).
I voted For this censure; censure passed.
Proposers of this censure genuinely seemed pretty offended by the VPHC/Guild’s attitude towards their work here, and I thought this warranted the censure.

-Censure whole Sabbatical Officer team for inaction in securing the Guild as the site for upcoming NCAFC (National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts) conference, despite NCAFC being an officially supported organisation of the Guild.
I Abstained from this censure; censure passed.
The Officer team made it clear that they were trying (at that point still trying) to get the conference hosted in the Guild, and that seemed fair enough.
Also as I understand it, the Guild now is hosting the Conference.

*Automatic censures passed against many (most) of the Guild Officer team for not blogging, too

Let me know if you have any questions/issues with my voting


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