Guild Council Nominations Deadline & #bemaBHM12 Events List


The deadline for Guild Councillor nominations is this Friday (5th) at 10am, and it would be amazing to see more ethnic minorities standing this year.

Guild Council is the students union’s decision making body, in which representatives of students take votes on motions that affect Guild policy, from anything to do with what events are on at the Guild, to what campaigns the Guild should be supporting. Currently there is a serious lack of ethnic diversity in Guild Council with there being only a handful of us as Guild Councillors despite us making up 28% of the student population. As a result, our voice is ever smaller when it comes to the Guild decision making process.

Obviously, the Guild is a small organisation in terms of the ‘real’ world, but motions do come up that we really could use a stronger voice in. For example, at the end of last year, there was opposition to the Guild supporting the anti-racist, anti-fascist group ‘Unite Against Fascism’, and although the vote passed in favour of support, it was a narrow victory. There are occasions like this in which we should really have a louder voice.

You can stand as a Guild Councillor representing your department, or you can stand as an Open Place Councillor of which there are reserved positions for women and international students. There are only 6 Guild Council meetings over the year, so the commitment is small in terms of time spent on it during term-time.  Also, if you are in the Medical and Dental School, there is one position each for Dental Surgery, Medicine and Surgery, Biomedical Science and Dental Hygiene and Therapy, Medical Science and Nursing and Physiotherapy.

You can get a form from Student Voice in the Guild and will need to write 200 words supporting your nomination. It would be great to see more ethnic minorities standing, and hopefully winning seats in Guild Council, so I would strongly encourage it.

If you want more info, you can message me, or ask our BEMA Guild Councillor, Azfar Shafi (who knows more of the ins and outs of it than I do) for more info!

Also, after an amazing Opening Event for Black History Month on Monday, the full list of events can be seen here.  We have some great, diverse events lined up, so it’s definitely worth coming down to as many as you can!


Areeq Chowdhury

BEMA President

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