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Black History Month 2012 – Opening Event


After our quite successful Alternative Freshers’ Week last week, we are moving straight onto our plans for Black History Month 2012!  Our opening event is this Monday coming (October 1st), but would like to say a quick word on our Freshers’ Week first though.

Our Alternative Freshers’ Week was a new event for BEMA and we decided to organise this as we felt there was a lack of enough diverse events run by the Guild to cater for the demand of all students, although the Guild is certainly improving on this front offering new events such as the upcoming Ceilidh.  All in all, it was successful, the turnouts for events exceeded our expectations and it was great to see students having fun and bonding with each other!  The Games Night, Bowling, and Shisha Night all had good turnouts to good effect, and the week was concluded with a nice, social meal.  It is definitely something that we would like future BEMA committees to run again in the future, and possibly something worth looking at for the beginning of the Spring Term.

There are lots of photos on our Facebook page, with more to come in the near future!  There are also a few of our Societies Fair stalls on there too!

Back to Black History Month 2012.  Our first event will be held in Guild Council Chambers on Monday, October 1st from 6pm – 10pm.  There will be a screening of the film ‘Injustice’, a hip-hop DJ set, guest speakers, and free food!  The event is open to all, so bring your friends along too!  We have a lot of events planned for the rest of the month with at least one event per week.  Full details will be posted up soon.  We’re all looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Also, if you were unable to attend our Welcome Meeting on Thursday you can view our presentation here.

Areeq Chowdhury

BEMA President

Sign the petition and get the Guild to back the anti-austerity protests!


Dear friends,

Building on our post from July,  we urge you to sign this petition for the Guild of Students to join and support the national demonstration at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham on October 2nd, and to join the NUS-backed TUC demonstration on October 20th.

The petition can be signed here –

Along with women and disabled students, black and minority ethnic students are amongst the hardest hit by the cuts made by the Conservative-led government. Black youth unemployment is now 56%, the rate having increased at almost twice the rate for white 16 to 24-year-olds since the start of the recession in 2008. In the Tories’ latest attack on BME students they have revoked London Metropolitan University’s license to teach international students, on whose fees it depends on for funding; this being the university with the highest proportion of BME students in the country.

With the recent Cabinet reshuffle in Westminster, the microcosm of the Government has been further reduced with there being no BME political presence in any Cabinet role. The only non-white minister Baroness Warsi was sacked from her role as Conservative Party Co-Chairman and Cabinet Minister and made Faith & Communities Minister.

We are fighting for a fairer society, and this is a fight that the Guild has supported in the past. In last November’s Guild Council we added this to Guild’s Beliefs and Commitments document “The Guild believes it has the duty to back NUS supported demonstrations and protests, and believes it has the duty to play a significant part in the mobilisation for aforementioned demonstrations and protests.” Motion 10K so it’s already official Guild policy to support these things yet they’re violating it.

There is clear precedent with regards to the Guild marching on political party conferences having backed last year’s demonstration at the Liberal Democrat party conference and precedent for backing anti-austerity marches having had sent coaches to the TUC national demo last year.

Please show your support and sign the petition,

Many thanks,