Voting record for Guild Council (13/6/2012)


So – here’s a rundown of how I voted on motions at Guild Council on 13/6/2012 on behalf of BEMA.
Given that it was the last Council of the year, it was extra long on the agenda.
(This report will reflect that.)

Note: The Guild Council was sub-quorate because under half of Guild Councillors were present,.
Guild Council (and me) voted to continue still, so anything passed here will have to be ratified by next Guild Council in October

5a) Nominations Committee
a)      Grant Honorary Life Membership of the Guild to Tim Lucas & Dave Glenwright
Voted: FOR
Passed with 94%

b)      Grant Honorary Life Membership of the Guild to Rob Sassoon
Voted: Abstained
Passed with 74%

5g) Guild Council Report
Vote to remove clause in Officer Code of Conduct passed in May Emergency GC banning Sabbatical officers holdings positions in Police Force
Passed with 51%

7) Elections Committee elections
The Election Committee oversees that all Guild Elections are run fairly and openly, and manage publicity to ensure turnout.

Voted (in preference order): Bryn Gough, Erin Lee
Elected: Bryn Gough, Erin Lee

8) Appointments Panel elections
The Appointments Panel propose Student Trustees to Guild Council.

Voted: Hattie Craig, Sean Farmelo
Elected: Hattie Craig, Sean Farmelo

9) Senate Elections
Senate is responsible for academic functions in the University, including regulation/directing of teaching, examining and research. It includes a number of student representatives.

Open Place representatives:
Voted: Ioana Cerasella Chis, Rebekah Myatt
Elected: Ioana Cerasella Chis, Rebekah Myatt

Postgraduate representatives:
Voted: Ben Aylott, Shaun Parsons
Elected: Ben Aylott, Shaun Parsons

10) Chair & Deputy Chair elections
The Chair and Deputy Chair of Guild Council are meant to ensure that Council is conducted properly; efficiently, by the rules etc.

Voted (order of preference): Julian Bryant, Erin Lee, Johnny Dolan
*Chair-Johnny Dolan
*Deputy Chair-Julian Bryant

11) Motions

The following motions were starred on the agenda by someone present at Council and were opened for discussion, the rest passed automatically:

*11d) ‘Reserved places’
Reserving 4 Open Place Guild Councillor roles for Women positions in elections, in order to address female underrepresentation in Guild politics.
Voted: FOR
Passed with 52%

*11e) ‘Motion to ban gimmicks’
Banning gimmicks (costumes & nicknames) in the Guild Officer Elections next year, to create a more mature and policy-based focus on student democracy, and offset the disadvantage international and ethnic students could have in running and voting in elections because of the reliance of gimmicks on British pop culture etc.
Voted: FOR
Fell (43% for, 50% against, 7% abstained)

*11j) ‘Endorsement of Campaigns’
To have UKuncut, The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) & Unite Against Fascism (UAF) added to the list of endorsed campaigns of the Guild
Voted: FOR
Passed with 50%

*11k) ‘Autumn term Guild of Students Campaigns’
To set Guild policy on education-related campaigns for the first semester next year, including an NUS national demo.
Deferred to Sabbatical Officers Group handover during the summer due to time constraints of Council

*11n) ‘Online’
Give control of Guild website/email list/Facebook groups and Twitter to Sabbatical Officer team, as they aren’t being run efficiently right now, being under staff control.
Deferred to Sabbatical Officers Group handover during the summer due to time constraints of Council

*11p) ‘Scrap the CAO’
Get rid of the Non-Sabbatical officer role of Community Action Officer, as it is ill-defined and often not really effective.
Deferred to Sabbatical Officers Group handover during the summer due to time constraints of Council

*11q) ‘International Student Representation’
Allocate 4 Open Place Guild Councillor positions to international students, to address their underepresentation in Guild Politics
Voted: FOR
Passed with 68%
Increase number of non-reserved Open Place Guild Councillor positions to 5 (up from the 2 it would be if this and motion 11d) were passed)

*11r) ‘HR & Remuneration committee’
Change composition of these 2 committees supervising Human Resources to include majority student representatives (i.e. all 7 Sabbatical officers) so they can function more independently and autonomously from the University
Deferred to Sabbatical Officers Group handover during the summer due to time constraints of Council

*11s) ‘Appointments Panel’
Change composition of this committee proposing Trustees to Guild Council to strictly elected student representatives, without university representatives.
Deferred to Sabbatical Officers Group handover during the summer due to time constraints of Council

The following motions passed automatically, without debate


Joe’s Accessibility

Get license of Joe’s changed so that under 18’s are permitted


Entertainment Committee and Democracy & Engagement Committee

Separate these 2 committees of the Guild


Women’s Association

Affiliate with International Women’s Day campaign


Welfare information for Freshers

Provide a publicity budget for minority student Associations and more information about them in Freshers handbook



Align with NUS policy on, and oppose, government’s ‘Prevent’ initiative on counter-terrorism



Extend gender-neutral toilet facilities to University to accomodate for Trans- students


Departmental Associations

Setting up Departmental Associations to aim for better representation of regular students in Guild and course-related matters, and for better communications within schools


School of Nursing and Physiotherapy and Closures Policy

To set stance and actively campaign against the closure of the Nursing & Physiotherapy department



Re-open debate on amendment passed in May Emergency Council banning Sabbatical officers from holding positions in police force (Note-motion withdrawn by proposer)



Split up roles of PGMSO and create separate non-Sabbatical officer roles of Post-Graduate Students Officer and Mature and Part-Time Students Officer

12) Questions and Scrutiny
i) Censure Sabbatical Officer team for breaking mandate on reporting their hours and pay
Passed with 63%; Officers censured

ii) Censure Vice President (Education) for inappropriate comments towards a student society
Voted: FOR
Passed with 69%; VPE Censured

If you have any questions about the Council or my voting, then you can post them in the comments.

Azfar Shafi

BEMA Guild Councillor


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